Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 months along!

a few days late on this post but Ellie girl turned 3 months old this last Tuesday!

we didn't go for her well check until the friday after.
here are the stats:
length: 24 1/2 in. 90th% (tall girl)
weight: 12lbs 13oz 75th%
head: 15 3/4in 50th%
she got 1 shot and she does absolutely wonderful with them.
she just lays there on the little table smiling and cooing at the nurse and then cries out for maybe 2 seconds after the shot and then its all over with back to happy baby.

that's right I said "happy baby".
which is pretty much what she is these days, that is during daytime hours.
don't get me wrong she still has an occasional off and we still have a small fussy time in the evening but for the most part she has turned around during the day.
her naps aren't quite as long as I like but she takes them and is still pretty happy when awake even with a short nap.
as for nighttime we are still struggling.
she has been a  horrible sleeper at bedtime.
we were still up several times during the night.
our doc said "brandi leave her in her bed and see what she will do, do not get her up"
so for the past few days that is what we have done.
it has been rough on everyone, even Caraline but we are seeing some progress!
last night for us was pretty much sleeping through the night!
Ellie woke up twice, once at 3am and then at about 430am, both times she had rolled over to her back.
usually this totally freaks her out and there has been no getting her back to sleep but last night all we had to do was roll her back to her tummy and she went right back to sleep!
doing this took a total of maybe a minute and a half!

the rolling over business definitely wasn't helping with our sleep progress.
this big gal sleeps on her belly and right at her 12 week birthday she decided she would start rolling over to her back and freaking out after she did it.
she is also very good at holding her head up and I'm hoping we can start some bumbo seat sitting very soon, I think she will really like it!
the smiles, coos, and squeals are coming all the time!
during the day she really only gets fussy for 2 reasons, poop and sleep.
she still has the biggest, brightest blue eyes just like her sister (we are hoping they are here to stay)!
her hair is still dark, out in the sun it is a very pretty auburn color, can't wait for more of it to come in so we can really see what color it is!
she loves her bouncy seat in the morning, we put it on the kitchen table and she can be a part of our morning routine of coffee, breakfast, dishes, and making bottles.
she also loves to play underneath her activity gym, which is what we routinely do after she has her bottle and before naptime.
she is also starting to like her bjorn much more, we took her to the zoo this past Saturday and used it and she did great in it!
she loves to watch her big sister Caraline play too!
and Caraline loves her little sister, she wants to tell her "Hi  Baby" all the time and give her kisses constantly!!

Things are definitely looking up in the Maxeiner house these days! Couldn't imagine my life any other way!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Embrace the Camera, Sept. 15, 2011

Here is try #1 at safari family photo:

#2 was much better!

This was right before I stepped in a hole and fell forward with Ellie! Luckily hit my knees first and caught myself with my left hand.  Thank goodness for the Bjorn, she didn't hit but it scared poor baby!

Tim with Caraline and his hot pink backpack he now totes everywhere.lol!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daddy and Caraline Time!

Daddy and C spending some time together working on her adorable playhouse she got for her 2nd birthday from her Nana and Papa!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1 week left....

needless to say that my maternity leave has not gone as I would have hoped.
I hate to use this word to describe it but I really can't sugarcoat it, it has been MISERABLE.
miserable as in my blood pressure is still high 140/90 as of yesterday at my 10 week checkup that my doctor had me come back for because of my bp.
I can't even believe that it has almost been 11 weeks, the days seem to drag on forever so it doesn't seem like many have passed, it honestly still feels like we have a 2 week old baby in the house and that's really how little miss Ellie acts.

so not going to beat around the bush on this one so here it goes.
this week breastfeeding came to an end.
Ellie has had horrible fussiness/gas/stomach/reflux/mucusy stool issues and they were not easing up but only seeming to get worse with each week
I had tried to cut out dairy in my diet for a while to see if that was the problem and her symptoms eased up a bit but never went away.
one weekend I had pizza and then sour cream in something the next day, that evening there were some specks of blood in her poop.
that night and the next four nights were HORRIBLE.
the ped and I have had several discussions about these things and have decided that E more than likely does have a protein sensitivity.
I cannot even express how disappointed I am to not be breastfeeding.
yes, I could have tried to totally eliminate dairy from my diet but for me this would have probably been just as stressful as stopping on the breastfeeding.
I have cried and cried over it.
It is so hard not being able to do it this time when it came so easily with Caraline.
but they are 2 very different babies.
Its also hard when Ellie and I are both so good at it, she had become quite the natural and I have milk for days (you would die if you seen my freezer).
I prayed and prayed and prayed some more and couldn't understand why I wouldn't be able to nurse Ellie, why God couldn't just heal her tummy and let us breastfeed.
Maybe he is reminding me that I am not in control. Maybe he is reminding me that sometimes the thing that we want so bad is not what is actually needed.
I know that God has a plan for Ellie and that she is still going to be a healthy, happy(hopefully sooner rather than later) baby even if we are not breastfeeding.
so for the past few days we have done soy formula, talked with the ped this morning and he would like us to start using a hypoallergenic formula (Nutramigen).
let me tell you I don't know how babies drink this stuff, it makes me want to vomit just smelling it but if it will help her, then let's do it!
I am already doing a little better in accepting the situation until it comes time that I have to use my dang pump and then I get upset all over again thinking about it but I know in time it will be ok.
Right now I keep trying to focus on some of the things that I can do with this new found freedom that I have.
Like eating whatever I want without worrying that it is going to hurt E's belly (I have been craving Mexican especially chips and queso), enjoying more than 1 glass of wine, coffee coffee and more coffee (yes, please!), and having a little more freedom (I have been preggo or nursing for the past 3 years), so I didn't realize what doing something for myself and letting the hubs feed the baby was all about until now.

so now just waiting and praying that this helps my little girls tummy to feel better and help our sleep deprived family to heal.
(I know this is kind of all over the place as in still getting no sleep rambling all over the place:)