Wednesday, July 25, 2012

first dance recital...

was a huge success!
and super cute.
7 little 3 year olds in hula skirts....adorable!
it was just the summer recital so it was a 'for parents recital' the last 20 minutes of their class time.
then there was a cookie party to follow.
caraline did wonderful.
it was so fun to get to actually be in the room and watch her! (the parents usually watch from a small window behind the dancers)
we were the first ones to arrive to class this day.  c would just light up each time one of her 'friends' arrived!
i did make the mistake of being a cookie mom this time though.  since we had the cookies, that seemed to be all caraline was concerned about and she didn't want to go into class and leave the cookies.
first time she has ever cried going in, but it didn't last long.

the girls performed their little hula dance 3 times for the parents.
then they all sat down and had 2 big sugar cookies (right before dinner).
it was so much fun!
we don't get to go to dance for a month since the summer session is over.
caraline doesn't quite understand why we don't get to go next week.
can't wait to get back into it and get to have our family come see her at the big spring recital!

here are some pics from our little gals big night!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Destin 2012!

we just got back from a week vacation at the beach!
it was MUCH needed.
i have never appreciated a vacation so much before.
getting away from 'reality' for a week was needed by our whole family, even the girls!
for a week, i could forget about cleaning, running errands around nap time, fixing dinner, and the biggest being not worrying about work, mainly my work schedule (which right now is my biggest headache).

but that's enough about that.

we decided that we would try driving overnight with the girls so that they would sleep most of the way, well not so much.  the drive there was a disaster.
the drive home much better, we didn't wake them up early, we just let them get up on their own, packed up and headed out, stopped 3 times for each meal so that the girls could get out and play a little (plus potty breaks in between). 
it was a bit of a longer drive home but it was a much happier time for all.

the beach was fantastic.
best weather i've ever seen in the past 6 years of going (2 were missed due to having babes over the summer).
it wasn't too hot, nice breeze everyday, and the water/beach were so pretty and clear this year.
we would go out in the morning after breakfast.
during this time, ellie would usually take a little morning nap on my lap (or nana's) and i would read or just relax and listen to the ocean. (papa even got in on the napping:)

caraline was busy playing in the water with her dada or running around on the sand.
she loved the water, i was concerned that she wouldn't be a fan, but she surprised me!
ellie would play in the sand a little and in the water a little but she didn't love it as much as caraline.

after lunch the girls got put down for naps.
they took great afternoon naps everyday we were there but one.
mommy and daddy took advantage of nap time.
we headed out to the beach with a drink in hand (my favorite during vacay was a skinny pina colada)!

we laid in the sun, put our feet in the water, and i got to read a lot, tim even did a little reading himself.
after nap time we had a snack and then headed back out to play through the evening.
when we were done at the beach everyone headed in, showered, dressed for dinner and the kiddos played some more.  caraline and ellie loved vacationing with their cousins!

dinners are always amazing!
tim's dad and bro-in-law do some great grilling while we are there!
we did enjoy a couple of the fantastic seafood restaurants for lunch too.
first day our family was the first to arrive and we couldn't check in to our condo yet so we headed to the outlet mall to shop a little and then to The Backporch for lunch.
it is great! i had the fish and chips while we sat by the ocean and watched the parasailing!
i also had the best fish tacos i've ever eaten at Pompano Joe's!
i definitely recommend these 2 places if y'all are ever visiting Destin, FL.

it was a fantastic time and as much as i was ready to not be covered in sand 24/7 (like even in the bed).  i was not ready to get back to reality.  so glad that i took a full 2 weeks off so that i had time to settle back into 'life' before returning to work.

 we are so thankful for tim's parents taking the whole family on this vacay every year! can't wait to go back!

Monday, July 16, 2012


this post is super late.
probably bc the day after we got back i ended up in the ER with a super painful kidney stone for a week and then sick for a good week.
but better late than never!

the hubs and i took of to KC for a weekend with my very best friend jenn and her hubby.
it was a blast.
we ate, shopped, ate some more, went to the power and light district, rode a mechanical bull for the first time, and caught a royals game.
it was a great little adult only trip.
and we are already planning the next.  vegas it will be to celebrate the hubs #30 and the iott's 10 year!

here are a few pics of the quick but super fun trip!

Monday, July 2, 2012

the big ONE and a birthday party!

just doesn't seem right, that ellie girl is now a big ONE year old!
time really does go by way way too fast.

she really has come a LONG way since her screaming, no sleepy, colicky days as a newborn/infant.
ellie is such a super sweet girl these days.  she still has her occasional fits (usually because she just wants her mommy) but more often she is just a playful smiley little thing!

let me tell you that she is still a super huge mommy girl, if i am around she wants noone else but mommy.

but still gives her dada some lov'n too:)

not too many changes since our last update on ellie girl but the few changes are BIG ONES!

for instance we just threw away ALL of the bottles today! that's right, no more washing, measuring and toting around bottles for us.
we did it cold turkey, one morning we just decided let's go for it and elleanor agreed!
and our sippy cups are now full of regular whole organic milk!
we did half and half (half formula/half whole milk) for a little over a week when we made the switch and when that can was gone we were DONE!
so regular milk it is! she has a full sippy in the morning, a half sippy at lunch and another full sippy in the evening.
this girl loves to eat/drink, so it really doesn't matter how she gets it, she take it whichever way she can;)

no walking here yet, she can stand for very long periods and has taken a few steps between pieces of furniture but has yet to just take off (thought I don't think it will be long).

and then to the napping.  caraline took 2 full naps right up until 18 months.  this has been hard to stick with this go around.  with an older child that wants to be up playing and outside, it makes it hard to get that morning nap in everyday. so some days we do it and some we don't.  doesn't really bother ellie girl that much!
if we are at home with not much going on she will nap in the morning.  if we are out running errands, playing outside, or going to the pool, she does absolutely fine without it!

on elleanor's actual birthday, we took a family trip to build-a-bear where she got a cute little birthday bear that sissy caraline named E.
then we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner!
she loved it, this girl had rolls, chicken strips, and broccoli for her birthday meal and she cleaned her plate!

the day after her birthday we went for her 1 year check-up.
weight is 20#5oz
length 28 1/4 in.
and ellie girl checked out great!

the FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY was at our house.
we celebrated with the family and some of our very bestest friends.
there wasn't really a theme, just decorated with lots of colors and some fun little pinwheels.
tim made a fantastic lunch, brisket sandwiches and chips that are always a hit (thanks adam!), memaw supplied the pinwheel rolls, and nana and papa of course brought the cake and cupcakes!
ellie girl had a bear birthday cake, same one that daddy and sissy caraline had for their first birthdays:)

the indoor party decor

and the outdoor

birthday girl!

backyard water fun!

present time! ellie loves her some babydolls!

birthday bear cake!

sorry daddy, this was the best pic of the 3 of us;)

you are loved.
Elleanor, mommy, daddy and sissy C love you so so much! Can't wait to see what the next year holds for you, you big 1 year old!