Friday, February 18, 2011

met our lil boyfriend at the park!

Today was the first day that I have had off of work to enjoy this great weather we are having!
Caraline and I ventured out to Target this morning (which is a regular for us) and then off the the park to play with cute patootie Mason!

We had a blast! Thanks Mason for letting us come play with you!!

when is the right time???

with another baby coming in June, we have been going back and forth on the bed/crib situation.
when is it the right time to take Caraline out of her crib??
that is the question that we have been struggling with.
we have changed our minds several times about what we think that we are going to do....
do we leave C in a crib, convert crib to a toddler bed, get C a big girl bed and use crib for Elleanor???
decisions, decisions...
we had finally decided that we were just going to go ahead and get another crib and then decide what to do with C and her bed situation later, then I keep catching her sleeping like this....

so does this mean she needs to probably stay in her crib so she doesn't fall out from all her moving around?
or, does it mean that she is needing more room in a bigger bed???
she sleeps great right now, 11+ hours at night and usually a 3 hour nap during the day.
really dont want to interrupt that great sleeping, so hoping we make the right decision!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

20 weeks and some change.....

went for our 20 week appt. and ultrasound on Thursday.
I was 20w3d to be exact.
took Caraline along with us since we were going to get to see her little sister!
(and to make sure that it was still a little sister in
the scan was first.
yep, still a little girlie, no mistaken here!
and this girlie now has a full name:
Elleanor Claire Maxeiner

she weighed in at 13oz.
she was very very active making it a little hard for the lady to get the measurements that she needed!
and that's how she is these days, my active little girl!
I feel her kicking and moving constantly throughout the day and of course in the middle of the night too!
it makes it hard to sleep sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
LOVE those little baby moves!

here are a few of our ultrasound images!
kinda sad, she wasn't being very cooperative so we didn't get a cute little profile pic this time.
with Caraline they made me a disc, but not this time so these pics aren't the best but you can get the idea!

she is lov'n being upside down, this is how she was hanging out at the 17 week US and hasn't changed,
her head is on the left side of my abdomen just underneath my bellybutton and her bottom is on the right so
since she is upside down her little feet just hang and kick still right into my bladder.

her little fingers which she kept right up beside her head the whole time:)

showing off those legs already!!!
uhmm, so this is her face, I know a little scary look'n, but I'm sure she'll be just as cute as her big sister!

yep, still all girl in there! no mistaking those 3 lines!!!

can't believe we are already this far along!
I am so ready to have this little girl in my arms but at the same time so nervous!
2 little girls, 22 months apart, oh man!
a newborn, and one entering those terrible 2's I've heard so much about, can't wait!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

oh the snow, snow, and more snow...

we have been trapped inside our house since Tuesday.
the poor hubby has prob spent a total of 10 to 12 hours working on our driveway.
luckily there hasn't been anywhere that we have HAD to go.
that is until tomorrow.
back to work for me it is and it is expected for everyone to make an attempt to get there.
so yesterday we tried to pull the explorer out to see how far we could get.
(well Tim tried to pull it out)
it got stuck, made it down the driveway but the drifts, ruts were so high on our street, so no success.
this morning it was my turn.
so I got out there and showed the hubby how to get it done!
yay!! got it out and down our street.
I really didn't want to turn around and go back to the house, it felt great to finally be out!
but I was without my wallet and phone so back it was.
got my stuff and called my neighbor/friend Mary to see if she wanted to make a trip to the grocery store,
once out of the neighborhood the roads actually weren't horrible.
think I will make it in the morning to work and back home too.
really wasn't looking forward to spending the night at the hospital away from my family.
(but still packing a bag just in case;)

all of the peeps in the neighborhood have been GREAT!!!
anytime there is someone stuck the guys are coming out of their front doors and lending a hand (and shovel).
so glad to have caring/friendly neighbors like we do!

and we did have a little bit of fun too!
Caraline and I got out front today with daddy to help ( him do some more clearing in the driveway.
according to the news/weather this snow will probably hang around and not melt anytime soon so I'm sure we will play again!

and the belly at 19w3d (half way there)!

first haircut...

well kind of.
here hair really isn't that long yet.
but there in the front a little bit just hangs down in her eyes.
and she doesn't keep a bow in for very long to hold it back.
so sweet MaryBeth did a little trim for us when we were in the salon last week.
and Nana put the itsy itsy bit that was cut off in a little bag for us to keep:)

such a big girl now!