Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Fun!!!

We started our celebration of Easter off on Saturday with a visit from my family.
My mom, 2 sisters, 2 nieces and nephew came over for the day.
Caraline's Memaw brought her a fun basket filled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse candy/toys!!
We had originally planned to go to the zoo but decided that the weather was not too great and we didn't want to chance it so we made our first trip to the aquarium!
This is C and her cousins from Stilwell! We were so excited to see them since the last time was Christmas!

Then we came home and the hubby fixed a great lunch, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for us!
After lunch we put C down for a little nap, while she was sleeping the rest of us had our strawberry shortcake!
Then the cousins couldn't wait any longer so we woke C up a little early and had our egg hunt!

It was a great day, all of the kiddos were great, and it was so awesome to spend the day with my family!

Then Easter morning Caraline got up and came in the living room to see what the Easter Bunny had left for her.

It was so cute to see her realize that there was new stuff in the basket that she had already been playing with for a! (we used it last Sunday for the hunt at church).
So the bunny this year was a little boring: she got some clothes, flip flops, and books, nope, no toys or candy...but she did love her Beauty and the Beast movie!!!(and so did her mommy, it's one of my favorites)!

Then we got dressed and headed off to church for an AMAZING service!!
(I also have to add that Caraline is doing great going to her classroom, no more crying)!

After church we headed over to the hubby's parent's for Easter lunch.
We put Caraline down when we got there because she was falling asleep in the car and it was her usual naptime!
But then we woke her up early from the nap to eat lunch with the rest of us (bad idea), she was quite the little fuss bucket all the way through eating (and pretty much through the rest of the evening, let's just say bedtime tonight came at 6:30pm, which is an hour and a half earlier than usual).
C did however have a few good moments, like when she got her Easter basket from Nana and Papa!!!
It was filled with such adorable stuff!!

And I think they all had a great time decorating the cake with Papa (and sticking their fingers in the icing)!

She was a little overdone by Easter egg hunt time so she just kind of played by herself while Mel and Zac hunted for eggs in the den (due to this yucky weather we are having).
Her cousin Mel was super sweet though and gave Caraline plenty of the eggs that she found!

It was a fabulous weekend, wouldn't have changed a thing about it and now it is definitely bedtime!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 weeks and counting down!

30w3d to be exact!
just 8 1/2 more to go and we will have our little Elleanor in our arms!
I am to the point now where I am just ready for her to be here ALREADY!!!
but I can try to wait patiently bc I know she needs a little more time in the tummy!
I think about what she will look like every day,
will she be light skinned, blonde, and blue eyed like her big sister
(which by the way are none of my
or will she have lots of dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes like me??
and there is the chance that she will come out a feisty little red-head like her daddy!
no matter, I know that she will be beautiful to me and her daddy and it will be love at first sight just the way it was with Caraline!

repeat c-section.
really really starting to get to me.
I know that I said that before but really on my mind, every day, especially at work.
working where I do, I see c-section babies everyday that need a little special care after delivery.
praying that Elleanor is able to transition on her own and be able to stay with her mommy and daddy after delivery.
praying daily for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl.
however, I am trying to prepare myself as much as I can for the possibility that she may have to have a little help transitioning,
which I know that if she does, she will be in excellent hands with my fellow nurses!!!!

30 week appt was today!
have gained 25lbs so far, yes that means 4 of them were in the last 2 weeks,
doc said that everything was looking good,
measuring right on and Elleanor's heartbeat was great!
also passed that glucose test, no more nasty orange drink for me!
oh and this was the first time that Caraline has gone to the doc's office with me and not cried when Dr. G came in! maybe we are making some progress in the whole dr.'s office situation with her!!

and now leaving you with the view that I have left of my toes with this 30 week belly!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bunny Hunt 2011

Today we took Caraline to her first 'real' Easter Egg Hunt!
Last year she sort of hunted but didn't really know what was going on.
This year...whole different story!!!
She did great, knew just what to do, with grabbing those eggs and putting them in her basket and all!
And she went for the big ones first too!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

embrace the camera

it's Thursday again.
but the sinus/allergy stuff has hit us hard this week.
so we have hardly been in the mood for picture taking, nor have we had any time.
and it has been a tough couple weeks for us.
with the hours in the past 2 weeks between mine and Tim's jobs there have been no days in 2 WEEKS for the 3 of us to have family time.
this makes me sad, really need a day to spend with the hubby and my little gal.
that's why today is a picture from the 3 of us last May at a friend's wedding, having a blast together!

miss'n some together time with these 2! looking forward to Sunday!

now go embrace your camera!

Monday, April 11, 2011

fun photo editing!

Thanks Alicia for the website!  It is so much fun!!
Love my pretty girl!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

embrace the camera

just me and little gal getting ready to head out the door this past Tuesday for a walk!
styl'n in our hats, which she loves to sport!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

28 week update...

had my 28 week appt today!
can't believe in just 11 more weeks we will have another little girlie in our lives!!
pretty much all the first trimester symptoms are back minus the N/V,
which is GREAT!
but not so great is the flame thrower that I feel like I have in my chest every night, OUCH!
started having some contractions during week 27, which totally freaked me out!
not anything consistent, very sporadic, but nonetheless still freaked me out.
let my doc know today, he wasn't concerned with what I reported, but told me what to watch for.
as for my weight which I was very concerned about, I did pretty good (good for me
I gained 4lbs since my last visit, which puts me at a total of 21 lbs gained.
doctor's goal was 15, that was out the window a long time ago, mine is 35, which now seems very doable!!!
all in all a great checkup.
then at the end of the check, Dr. G says "see you back in 2 weeks"!
what!!! 2 weeks, can't believe that we are already there!!!
also doing my glucose test this week, keeping my fingers crossed for good results.
getting organized at home,
 so weird to see the crib back on the high setting and decked out with the bumper, mobile, etc!
and continuing to work on C's room too!
(by the way, she is still doing great in her big bed)
still feeling pretty good.
the 12 hour shifts are getting very tough on my back and legs though!
and the fatigue is starting to settle in again, which I HATE!
there is so so much to get done, I don't have time to be tired all the time again!
but even with all we have to get done I am now so ready to meet this little girl!!
(but of course not until we reach our 39 weeks)
I do have to admit though that this coming in for surgery thing is starting to get to me.
with Caraline I was in labor for oh about 13 hours
starting at 130am up until 423pm,
it was so exhausting, with the oxygen on and off,
the pitocin on and off,
the turning from side to side every few minutes,
(thank goodness for the awesome nurses, especially Wendi, that were there for me that day)!
that I actually barely remember the csection,
I think that I even dozed off a few times when I was on the table!
so this is going to be a whole different experience and it's making me pretty nervous!
didn't discuss these feelings with my doc today, figured that conversation could wait.

so here it is 28w2d and looking very BIG!

Monday, April 4, 2011

auntie Mary!

so so thankful for auntie Mary.
Mary is one of my best friends and also a co-worker.
that's right, she is a newborn RN also!
and she keeps Caraline for us on the days that this mommy has to work and Nana can't keep her.
so how awesome is that?!?!
(and I must mention that she lives just around the corner, within walking distance from us!  which I know that C's daddy appreciates since he is the one that transports!)
so not only does she get to stay with a close friend but also gets her very own baby nurse!!
it has been such a blessing to have her as we have been able to keep from needing to use daycare and having to send our baby(s) to strangers!
and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that auntie Mary has so graciously offered to keep Elleanor too!!

Caraline, here is you and your auntie Mary!!

We love you Mary (and Cory too), and appreciate you so much!