Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 weeks....

today was my 12 week appt.
got to see my regular doc.
and hear this precious baby's heartbeat once again.
nice and strong, loved that sound.
weight gain at this point 3lbs. (however looking at me you would think at least 10lbs)!
and blood pressure was great 124/70, was a little concerned
bc at my first appt it was higher than it has ever been, but prob bc it was my first appt and i was so excited!

next Tues i go for the nuchal translucency test, get to see this sweet baby again by ultrasound!
can't wait!
i remember when i did this with caraline i couldn't believe how much had changed in that little amt. of time and how in just a couple of weeks she wen from looking like a little pepper to looking like an actual baby with her arms and legs flying around!
come on Tuesday, you can't get here fast enough!

btw, symptoms are easing a bit, so much for the zofran, it's not working, but the phenergran at nighttime has helped tremendously! hoping that this part will come to an end here in a couple of weeks:)

ps: next time i will definitely include a belly picture bc believe me it's there!!

Embrace the Camera: 1st Santa visit....

and it really didn't go well.
in fact, she down right hated it.
it was terrible for my sweet little girl.
we are now in the really not liking strangers phase, especially men.
so it really wasn't a surprise to us that she didn't like it, but we had no idea it would scare her so much, poor girl.

 she wasn't really into taking pictures after, think we were still in a little bit of shock!

still we have a great memory captured on camera of our little Caraline's first visit to see Santa!
hopefully it will be better for her next year!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

15 month checkup....

today we went for Caraline's 15 month checkup.
she weighed in at 19lbs 9oz - 10th %.
height 301/2in - 50th%.
yes, we have a little petite one on our hands!
we have been waiting patiently to turn her carseat forward facing and I just knew that today would be the big day, then seen that we hadn't quite met the 20lb marker.
the doc said that it would be absolutely fine to go ahead an do it though!!
i think that she will love facing the other direction, however tim and i just got the hang of getting the seats in and out in about 30 seconds (it took us a while to figure the whole rear facing thing out with her big girl seat).
so maybe we'll turn it around soon but probably not today.

her weight has been steady between 10th and 15th% the last few visits.
of course this concerned me but my doc says that she is great and healthy and that he would rather see her at the 10th% than the 90th, so I'm happy with that (we just don't want her to go any lower)!

going to our doctor's visits has become quite an event.
as soon as the nurse comes to call Caraline's name she buries her face in my neck and starts to pucker up:(
it's the saddest little thing ever.
we can barely get her weight bc she is crying and trying to reach for me and I am afraid she is going to fall off the table!
then when our pediatrician comes in she turns bright red and just screams and kicks as he is examining her.
same thing when the nurse comes back in for the shots.
thankfully today there was only one shot and the doc said that it wouldn't cause her any fever/probs like the last set did, and so far she seems just fine:)

as for her swollen lymph node that took forever to go down, it is now completely back down to normal size.

now for the fun stuff!

Caraline has a ton of teeth in her mouth and her first molars are now pretty much in.

she can really eat anything and she does. she isn't picky at all about her food!
some of her favorites are bananas, pancakes, and mac n cheese!

she can do the motions to the itsy bitsy spider all the way through!

she is practically running and is so hard to keep up with.
and now that she is so on the go she is of course getting new bumps and bruises daily (which mommy hates, she's so sad when she gets hurt).
(here she had a bruised cheek and her first busted lip)

she says many words now but getting her to repeat them after she says a new one doesn't happen.  we just have to patiently wait for it to happen again.  some of those words/phrases include: mama, daddy, nana, papa, memaw, zac, thank you, juice, doggies, and tickle tickle tickle.

she is so so easy to take care of, her babysitters( nana and aunt mary) tell us how easy she is all the time!

she loves it when memaw comes to stay with us for a weekend and she gets to show off for her the whole time!

going out to eat has become a bit of a thing of the past, she gets quite testie when her food isn't put in front of her right away.

and we still have a great sleeper on our hands.  luckily I am still getting 2 naps a day, 1 in the morning lasting about 1 to 1/12 hours, and 1 in the afternoon lasting 21/2 to 3 hours, and she sleeps from 8pm to 7am at night!  and so easy to put down, we really just take her to her room, put her music on, lay her down with a blankie an thats it, she puts herself to sleep!

anyway, i could go on and on and on about my little girl but i think this is enough for now!

Caraline, your daddy and I are so blessed by you! Love you sweetie:)

Embrace the Camera....thanksgiving moments

just thought for this week's embrace the camera i would share some of our thanksgiving moments and since i've been absent the past few weeks there are quite a few of them to make up!

Caraline being cute:)

Papa reading her a story

aunt tricia helped caraline to make her turkey picture

cousin mel making her turkey

tim's fam

tim's fam

zac, caraline and mel

our little fam

daddy and c at the lights on

love this one!

the kiddos got to see santa!

cousin chloe and caraline

just getting caught up!

Friday October 15, 2010

so here i go.
i wanted our children to be close together in age so tim and i decided that we would start trying to have another when caraline was about 10 months old.
well this was in july and this was the first month that we tried.
this was also the first month where i started to wean from breastfeeding and was completely finished by the end of the month.

apparently this wasn't a good idea.
i didn't realize what stopping on the breastfeeding would do to my body.
it was wacked out of it's mind.
i was very regular during breastfeeding, every month right on time.
then of course when we are wanting it to happen again everything was thrown way off.

 i was also even more disappointed bc with caraline we decided we wanted to start trying.
so we did and it happend.
first month.
this time it wasn't going that way.
july, august, september.
all negative.

my 30th birthday was coming up which wasn't making things any easier.
and i really really wanted to be preggers before my birthday.

so on our 4th month, 7 days before my birthday.....i got my POSITIVE pregnancy test!!!!

i went to the store today and picked one up, came home, took it and called tim at work right away!
i was crying, he was worried something was!
he was very excited and happy that i was so happy, he knew it was getting me down.
i am so EXCITED!!!! i can't wait for caraline to have a little brother/sister! she is going to be a great big sister, even if she will only be almost 22 months!!!!

Monday October 18th, 1020

and it all begins!
4 weeks today.
oh the joys of the beginning of pregnancy.
sore boobs.
nausea already.
and of course the extreme fatigue.

but it is all absolutely worth it!!!!!!!!

Sunday October 24, 2010

4 weeks 6days today!!!!
3 more until we go to our first doctors visit.
i can't wait!
now most of our family and close friends know about the pregnancy.
not sure when i will post this or when i may announce on facebook.
we may hold out until we go to our first appt., maybe not.
my clothes are already fitting tightly and my tummy is a little out there.
would like to think it was from the baby already but pretty sure i'm just bloated.
but i can tell myself its the baby, right?!?!

Wednesday November 3, 2010

6 weeks and 2 days today!!
the nausea and indigestion are coming on very strong.
and the fatigue makes for a hard day of entertaining a!!!

so yesterday i found out that my ob doc is having surgery this friday and will be out for 3 weeks!
of course i called the office first thing this am to see what was going to come of my 1st appt that is suppose to be next friay.
i am so ready for it. so ready to hear and see this little baby's heartbeat!
right now just waiting to hear back from his nurse about what we are going to do.

this morning i started to watch a baby story again.
i haven't watched an episode since i was pregnant with caraline.
it was the perfect 1st episode to start with.
a repeat c-section, which is what we will be having this time too.
and it never fails, the tears were coming when the baby came!!!

Friday November 12, 2010

first doc. appt was today!!
7 weeks and 4 days along.
didn't see my regular doc due to him being out for surgery, so I seen his wife, who is also an awesome ob!
first we went for the ultrasound...
everything looked great. we could see the little flicker of the heartbeat, which was at a rate of 150!
we then went for my exam.
doc said that everything looked good and she gave me some scripts to help out with the n/v i am having.

LOVED seeing that heartbeat and hearing it! makes it even more real!!!

here is the first picture of our sweet little nugget

Thursday December 1, 2010

now 10weeks and 3days.
i haven't been on my computer in about 3 weeks.
well, i pretty much haven't done anything in 3 weeks.
the pregnancy symptoms have completely taken over.
zofran is now my best friend.
i do not understand "morning sickness"
i actually feel good for about 3 hours when I wake up and then it all comes to an end.
my sickness lasts all day and gets progressively worse in the evening, thats when the vomiting comes.
the beginning of pregnancy is so so so much hard with a toddler to take care of at home, after working my 12 to 13 hour shifts at work I am completely worthless on my days off.
I am so lucky that my hubby has stepped in the way that he has.
he is going above and beyond to help me with the house and Caraline.
so thankful for him:)

even  with all the sickness and fatigue, we are so very excited for this baby and our growing family!
can't wait to feel it start moving and to be able to find out what we are having in just 9 weeks!!!
I have my next appt in a week and am ready to get to hear this baby's heartbeat again!