Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A very late birthday post

I don't know why I didn't ever post about the girls' birthday party! It was so much fun! It's hard to go back and write about now that the moment is 'wayyy' over, so just pics (like most of my posts) it is:)

Caraline and Elleanor's combined Donut/Breakfast Birthday Party 2013!

No cake this year, instead we had tons and tons of donuts!

The donut eating contest was so much fun, it will happen again!

The birthday girls said forget no hands, we are eating those donuts!

 Love these kids:)

Halloween 2013

a few pics of this year's strawberry shortcake and minnie mouse

 strawberry shortcake with a little cookie on her teeth
 school harvest party
 minnie with her witch's hat
 cousin time
 annual Halloween at the iott's
loving her some candy

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Caraline.....

you started school for the second time today.
though this time was a little different for all of us.
it was the first time mommy has had to pack a lunch.
and yes I shed a few tears while making your PB&J.
last year you only went for a few hours, this time its longer.
I am going to seriously miss you while you are at school but I know that it is where you need to be.
this first day all I have done is wonder what you are doing?
are you talking to your teacher, to your classmates? are you nervous? are you laughing? are you ok?
you are still a shy one and my prayer/goal for you this year is that you will continue to come out of your shell and start to speak to people a little more each and every day.
I think about how we prayed together this morning before we went on our way and how mommy teared up during our prayer.
they were not sad tears sweetie, they were proud/happy mommy tears.
I am so proud of the little lady you are turning into,  the sweet heart that you have and the love you have for your family and those around you.
I can't wait to see how you grow in the year to come.
to hear about the new friends that you make.
the stories you tell me when I pick you up.
and how you get to continue to learn about God's love while at school this year.
you are one amazing little girl and I love you with all my heart.

Happy 4 year old preschool day!
(Even though you are not 4 until tomorrow!!!)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2 Years Old NOW!

On June 20th our little Ellie girl turned 2!

enjoying herself a little chocolate sprinkle donut, her favorite

It doesn't even seem like it could be.
She is such a fun fun fun toddler (and also super hard to keep up with)!
A few things about this 2 year old:
-she can tell you that she is 2 while holding up her pointer finger and thumb
-sings the abc's, itsy bitsy spider A LOT
-still pulling out her hair out of frustration (we are working on it)
-remains a thumb sucker (but so does her big sis so I'm not expecting this to stop anytime soon)
-lights up the room when she comes in with her big smile and her big blue eyes
-loves to have you smell her feet (and you have to smell both before she will quit putting them in your face)
-loves loves loves her mommy still (I remain her favorite person so that means she spends a whole lot of time in my lap)
-she is a cuddler, loves to snuggle, hug, give kisses
-wants to do everything that her sissy does
-favorite toys ever are her baby dolls (she is the best little mommy to them, she sleeps with about 5 dolls every night)
-favorite food is pizza (however she isn't very picky, this gal likes to eat)
-remains very social (she acts like she is going to try and be shy at first but then she lets loose very quickly)

We went for her 2 year checkup the Tuesday before her birthday.
Discussed the hair pulling and oh yes, the turning purple and almost passing out at times when she is throwing a fit.  She definitely keeps us on our toes.
Is at 35% on weight and 85% on her height.
Got 1 shot and didn't make a peep about it (my girls are rock stars in the shot business)

Birthday morning the girls and I went to Target where I enjoyed a coffee and the girls got themselves 2 cake pops for the special occasion!  After daddy got home that evening we went out for pizza at Hideaway, or as my girls call it "chicken man pizza".  (They think that white thing on the sign looks like a chicken I guess.lol;)

We haven't had a party yet because this year we are doing a double party in July for both the girls.  It will involve a lot of yummy donuts so I think they will love it! (since writing this post we have done the donut party and it was a blast, blog to come:)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

girl time...

we needed a little sugar and chocolate in our lives last night.
i thought we could all use some homemade chocolate chip cookies!
(we also added the m&m's for daddy)
it made it even better that i had 2 little helpers with me in the kitchen.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

we love some snow! (well most of us)

and it's finally time that we got some!
caraline has been asking all winter when she was going to get to play in the snow.
and today was the day.
(she wanted to know if we got to take our shoes off before we stepped on the snow, going without shoes has been an interest of hers since watching Tangled:)
 the gal above loved everything about it.
she could have stayed out for hours.
she ran around, made a snowman, threw snowballs, and jumped on the trampoline with all the snow.
  this one was not so sure about it.
it took her a while to venture out off of the patio.

 making a snowman with daddy.

 pretty proud of it.

 she finally came out in it.
and this is pretty much how ellie girl spent the rest of her time in the snow.

 mommy made it a little better:)

below are some action shots of caraline in a snowball fight with daddy.

and their finished snowman!
(yes, it's missing a face and maybe some arms, but mommy was cold and it was time to get back inside)!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

pumpkin patch

this is another late post but i wanted to get it on here for caraline:)
this is our trip to the pumpkin patch with her school.
first time for this preschooler to ride a bus (she is obsessed with school buses!)
mommy was a little nervous but her friend mason was on there and mommy, jenn and ellie followed closely behind them.
it was a good time until the weather took a quick change for the worse, the wind/rain was terrible and it got really cold so we headed out early.
she wasn't into pictures this day.
she always is though.
pumpkin bowling.
riding the fake horsey.
finally got a super smile in a pic with her sweetie.
mason, of course helping a girl out:)