Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9 months

no check-up this month for elleanor.
we are a little off schedule due to the sick visits we had before christmas.
so we do not go back til mid april for a well check.

big changes on the schedule just happened recently.
we took out a bottle feeding.  went from 4 bottles a day to 3.
she was taking a bottle about every 4 hours but her 1100 bottle had become just hit and miss.
sometimes she wanted it, sometimes half of it, and other times she'd have nothing to do with it.
so we just decided in the past week that we were going to get rid of it.
we now do 3- 8oz bottles instead of the 4 -6oz.
this is what her day now looks like:
700: bottle
830: morning nap
1000:  playtime/errands
1130: lunch
1230/1:  bottle
100: afternoon nap
300:  playtime
500:  dinner
600:  bath
630/7:  bottle
730:  bedtime

ellie loves to wave. her new social skill she has learned this past month.  love it.
she is now in size 3 diapers.  she could prob still fit in a 2 but we got C out of diapers and had almost a full pack of 3's left for her so we just went with it.  and they fit ellie girl just fine.
still full on army crawling.  she puts her knees into every once in a while but is not full out crawling yet. she still certainly gets where she wants to go. 
starting to pull up on things.  her bed, toys, people.
loves loves loves to pull other's hair.  it's the first thing she goes for when she gets close enough.  C isn't to crazy about this bc e will get handfuls of her hair out. 
we are already in full use of the word 'no' with this girl.  basically it started when the moving started.
she hasn't met a food that she didn't like yet.  and we still continue to make all of her food for her.
we have started practicing with some finger foods.  she has tried out smashed up cheerios, itty bitty pieces of whole wheat toast and whole wheat pancakes. 
becoming a pro with a sippy cup.
girlie loves to play patty cake and has started to play peek-a-boo a bit.
she now has 5 teeth fully through and the 6th is making an entrance.
she has been full on attached to mommy this past month, like i can't get out of her sight, pretty sure it has to do with her teething and just wanting to be consoled by mommy.

elleanor, you have grown so much.  i can't wait to see what the next few months will bring.  and can't believe in just 3 short months you will be our 1 year old.  mommy and daddy love you with all our hearts baby girl:)

Monday, March 19, 2012

st. patty's day

it finally came.the day for my first 5K run!
i met my first goal by just signing up for it and not dropping out.
but goal 2 not met.
it was so much harder than i had expected.  much harder to run a 5K outside than on the treadmill.
there was the sun, making it hot and the wind going against us on the second half of the run.  i don't have to deal with those types of things in the gym.
i love the treadmill, running outside not so much.  but guess i'm going to have to start liking it if i want to do better.
i had to walk a couple of times during the run, that was my goal 2, to not walk, gotta get it done next time.
that's right, can't wait to sign up for another!  looking at doing one at the end of april.
my official time for my first 5K was 34:32!!!! even though i didn't run the *entire* time this was the fastest time i've had. 
i was so lucky to have my best friend Jenn there with me! (although we didn't run together for long, she's pretty good at these things and i was left in her dust!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

practice, practice, practice

due to this wonderful weather we are having.
and the hubs and i finally having one of these pretty days off together, i was able to practice with my camera a little.
i'm still not quite sure what all the buttons do but i am slowly learning.  got a book for *dummies* on it to help me out:)
so here are a few.  of course unedited because i absolutely cannot figure out how to use the software that came with my camera and i can't make myself spend 100$+ on one of the ones that all the cool kids use, not yet anyway:)

C was not interested in taking pics at all this day.(as you can tell by her face here)

but this one was being quite the poser for mommy!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the eleven

like you alicia, i really don't ever do these types of chain things, but this one was fun, thanks:)

Here are the rules:

1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself & 11 random facts about you.
3. answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. create 11 new questions & tag new people to answer them.
5. go to their blog/twitter & let them know they’ve been tagged.

So, here are my random facts about myself. (in no particular order)
1.  this one i wish i could change but i am a terribly light sleeper, the tiniest noises wake me up so it's rare that i sleep straight through a night without waking, this is the way i have always been even before kiddos, that's why i am usually trying to get into bed between 830 and 900, to make sure that i can get enough sleep.

2. i am officially addicted to coffee, i could keep making pot after pot all day long. 

3. i love, love, love seafood. which kind of sucks because the hubs does not.

4.  my dad died when i was only 12 years old, every year that i get older makes me miss him even that much more.  wishing that he could be here to meet his beautiful little granddaughters, but i know that he is watching over us from Heaven and that we will be together again one day.

5.  it took me 7 years to get my bachelor's degree.  enough said about that, y'all don't need the details:)

6.  i took 8 years of dance lessons.  ballet, tap and jazz.  wish that i would have done more and can't wait to get my girls started, hope they love it!

7.  i'm not a bath person, i like showers.  i've never been fond of just sitting in water (unless it's in the pool or ocean).  i don't ever feel clean when i take a bath, even if it's just for relaxing, i always feel the need to jump in the shower after to really get clean.

8.  i grew up in a house full of women.  there were 5 of us to be exact. right before my dad died i gained 2 sisters (2 of my little cousins came to live with us), then after he passed my grandma moved in with us to help my mom take care of us 3 girls.  needless to say that's a whole lot of girls/women in 1 home, made for a whole lotta arguing, teasing, crying, fighting, just flat out pms'ing but of course tons and tons of love.

9.  my favorite all time cookies are oreos.  i have a problem when it comes to these cookies.  i try to keep them out of the house because i can eat the whole package in a day.  really, i'm not kidding.  they will be gone by the end of the day, i have absolutely no control when it comes to oreos.

10.  i have taken up a new hobby.  it is running.  love it.  inspired by my best friend jennifer (love her).  actually doing my first 5k on st. patty's day.  just hoping i dont throw up!

11.  keeping this one from the hubs, for now.  i so have the baby fever.  elleanor is 8 months old and is so much fun, plus she is sleeping great at night, i can remember with c when the sleeping started coming and got more consistently and she started independently playing more that's when it began and that is what is happening now.  we are no where near being ready for another baby.  and really don't know (more than likely not) if another is in our future but that still doesn't stop the fever from coming on strong. being a nurse in the newborn nursery certainly doesn't help the situation either.  taking care of, loving, cuddling, and feeding those precious babies at work makes it hard to not want another.  so for now it will be nothing more than having the fever, not acting on it.......yet:)

the 11 questions for me:

1. what would your perfect day be like? a saturday off with the hubs and girls, just our little family with nothing to do but play! no where we had to be, no home projects/chores to work on, just a day to play, perfect.
2. when was the last time you cried?  that would be last thursday, both girls were sick last week and i hadn't slept in a week, thursday morning i had an "i'm exhausted crying fest" in the morning before the hubs left for work.

3. what is your favorite physical feature?  kind of weird but i'd have to say my feet, i think they're small and cute, and with both pregnancies they never got swollen at all, stayed their little tiny selves the entire time.

4. are you a morning or night person?  definitely morning, love getting up early and starting my day, if i sleep in i feel like i've lost some time that i could have been accomplishing stuff, my bedtime is 9pm so not a night owl.

5. what's your number one celebrity crush?  really i'm super stumped on this one.  this changes from time to time, depending on what movie just came out, what song is popular, what sports star is in the news.  i've tried to come up with one but there are just too many to pick from:)

6. if money, schooling, or time wasn't an issue :: what career would you choose?  stumped on this one, love my career, get to take care of sweet babies all day, so if i were not a nurse, maybe anesthesiologist? pharmacist?  as a young girl i really always only wanted to be a ballerina:)

7. what's the one thing you look forward to each day?  coffee, coffee, and more coffee please....and of course just seeing my girls smiling faces in the morning!

8. if you had to choose one color to wear forever :: what would it be?  no question, it would be black.

9. what's the worst injury you have ever had?  broken wrist, happened in the 5th grade doing the high jump at a track meet.  it was gross, both of the 2 big bones in the wrist were completely broken in half and laying over each other making my wrist look all sorts of messed up, i didn't realize it had happened until 1 of the workers was asking me if i was ok as she was looking at my wrist in disgust, i looked and then i freaked.

10. most frequented website?  before pinterest i'm sure it was facebook, but now i have a cooking obsession with all the pinterest recipes, so it's a close call between the two.

11. what's your ideal date?  sounds pretty lame, but really just dinner, a movie, and then a target run after (if it's still open) just to look around.  we don't get to do this much anymore so when we do, it's the best time ever.

and now 11 questions for you mary, triciaheather.

1.  what's your favorite season of the year and why?
2.  how did you meet your spouse?
3.  what's you idea of a perfect date?
4.  what's your favorite vacation you've been on?
5.  what is your favorite hobby?
6.  what is your number one favorite food?
7.  if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
8.  what is one of your favorite childhood memories?
9.  what is one of your habits you wish you could break?
10.  what is your favorite pair of shoes?
11.  where do you want to be in 5 years?

(actually thought of 1/2 of these on my own! but yes, went blank and had to copy the other half:)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

my 1st baby is a preschooler...

i can't even believe that it is this time already.
didn't realize how emotional i would be this morning.

today the gals and i go to enroll caraline in preschool.
i know that she is beyond ready for it but of course mommy is not.
we had her on the waiting list all year last year for this school but she didn't get in.
i really wasn't worried about it because i was totally not ready to give up my time with her.
i have 4 days a week home with my girls that i cherish and so being a little selfish i have not been ready to let go of some of *my time*.
i mean, she will go to school for at least the next 15 years, so i have been in no hurry to start her.
but the fall it will be, she will be 3, and it is time.
i will miss my time with her so so much and i'm sure tears will be shed those first days she goes, but i also can't wait to take her and pick her up that first day to see the look on her face.  and to see her interacting with other kiddos her age.
she will start in august.
august 23rd to be exact. that's right, first day of school is on her birthday.  not thrilled about this but i'm sure she will have a blast starting on her first day of being a 3 year old!
plus she will be done at 1230.  so we can celebrate the rest of the day.
we are only doing a half day to start with.
you can either do 930-230 or 930-1230.
in the 930-230 option, they do not nap.  well, not really. they have a 20 minute rest period.
caraline still sleeps 2 hours in the afternoon so that's why we went with the half day for now.
but who knows what she will be doing in a few months.  she may be fine going all day and just taking a little catnap after school.  we will see.  we can switch to a full day at any time we decide she/we are ready to.

this was taken this morning outside of her new preschool!
she's pretty sassy!

and it is now official.
this girl will be a 'yellow giraffe' (that's her class) at northside christian church in the fall.
we can't wait to meet her teacher and all of her classmates.
tears are flowing as i type, thinking about how all this could be, it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming caraline into the world and now we are sending her to preschool.
i know when school time is here she will love it and then i will love it too because I LOVE HER!

definitely not the best picture of this mommy but i love this *preschooler's* face!