Tuesday, January 25, 2011

playdate with Hannah!

A couple of weeks ago Caraline's new friend Hannah came over to our house to play.
It took Caraline a litte bit to warm up.
She sat on my lap for probably the first 20 minutes with her thumb in her mouth watching sweet little Hannah playing with her toys.
But eventually she came around and they had a great time!

Love C's look in this last picture, "really Mom it's time to put away the camera!", I expect to get a lot of these looks in the future bc this momma always has a camera or two out.lol!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caraline is having a little ?!?!?!

I just couldn't wait any longer.
Thursday while I was working my doctor's office called.
They wanted to push my next appt. back a week due to the Dr. being out of the office.
Uhmm, "no way" I was thinking to myself.
This was suppose to be the BIG appt.
The one where we got to find out boy or girl!
So instead we managed to just change it to 2 days later.

But this made me want to find out even more.
Thinking about having to wait 2 days longer than before was killing me.
So on Friday I called up an imaging place here in town to check about coming in on Saturday (today).
They were all booked up, but the very nice girl on the phone said that she hadn't done her reminders yet and that she would let me know if there was a cancellation.
They close at 5pm, so when I hadn't heard anything by 415pm I though for sure that it was no luck.
So I called, and the girl told me that she just had a cancel 2 minutes ago and hadn't even had time to look up my # yet!
We then had an appt at 1245 to find out what our little nugget is!!!
I couldn't wait, I was so excited!!

It was really good timing.
My mom was in town for the weekend and my mother-in-law was off of work!
Mom came with us and Tim's parents met us at there.
The girl put our little baby up on the screen and I could instantly tell!!
It was a baby GIRL in there!!!
I didn't say anything and she told us she thought she knew but was going to try to get a closer look!
Then I turned to Tim and said "it's another girl"!
The tech asked if we were ready to hear and of course she told us what I already knew!!

No mistaking here!!

Just hanging out upside down!!

Yes, I would have loved for Tim to have a son but am I disappointed at all???
And Tim is being great about it!  Of course he had to make a couple of smerky comments but all in all I think he is just as excited for another girl as I am!
And he is great with Caraline so I really can't even imagine him with anything but girls ( as this is all we've known)!
It will be so much fun to have 2 little girls so close in age (22 months apart)!
I am so excited for Caraline to have her sister/best friend to grow up with!!
I can't wait to see the bond/friendship that forms between them as they get older!

My friend Rachel sent me a message that said that she was excited for us because she has sisters close in age and they are so very close to each other!
It brings tears to my eyes just imaging the 2 of them experiencing life together and being there for each other along the way!!
Loved hearing this and other responses like this, because of course we had already gotten a couple of the "oh I'm sorry but congrats" or "oh well at least you already have all the girl stuff".lol....but I know that Tim is happy no matter what! and that he and I both just want the baby to be healthy!!!

We had absolutely decided that 2 was the magic number and we were not going past this.
But I think that when we both seen that it was another girl we kind of thought to ourselves that we would see where we were at in a couple of years and make that final decision then, instead of making anything permanent now?!?!?!

As for names, I had it narrowed down to 2 girl names that I loved.
Tim really leans toward 1 more than the other.
I had a middle name picked out that was a definite either way, but now that we are starting to settle down on 1 of the names, Tim is trying to throw my middle name out!
I'm putting up a fight though, so we'll see what happens!!!
Baby Maxeiner's full name, we'll let you all know as soon as we come to an agreement!

And Caraline is already the sweetest big sister, picking out a little something for the baby!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


yep, that's right, I had to make my first mommy call to poison control last night.
my sister was keeping caraline at her apt. for about an hour and a half until I got off of work.
daddy had a ballgame that he had to coach.  nana and papa like to go and watch.
so my little sister did us a favor and kept her.

was just giving report and work and getting ready to leave when sam called me and asked me if I had a minute (of course I was thinking "whats wrong").
she said that caraline had gotten into a wallflower that she had plugged in, she pulled the little vial thing that holds the liquid off of the plug in.
sam wasn't sure if she drank any of the liquid or if she just bit into the wick end part of it!

of course I could tell in my sis's voice that she was freaked out too and felt bad so I kept myself as calm as possible.
sam said that she was acting fine and just playing, no signs/symptoms anything was wrong.
I have poison control's number, uhmm at home! never did I think to have it programmed in my phone (learned my lesson).
luckily I work at a hospital, with tons of mommies, so one of my co-workers gave me the number.
called, talked with Brent, who was very very very nice, and never made me feel bad for having to call.
he told me what to watch for, what she would be doing if she had ingested enough to make her sick and what to do about it.

so off I went to get her and see what was going on.
on the way, I called my bestie Jenn, who is the best friend, mommy, co-worker I know!!!! my go to gal for advice on parenting, especially with health related stuff because she is the bomb!!!  I don't know what I would do without her!!!
she made me feel a lot better and told me a little more things in detail to watch for and what I could do if any of those things happened.
THANKS JENN!!! your the bestest!!!

got to my sis's.
caraline was absolutely being her good ol silly self!
so glad to see that she wasn't doing any of the things that I had been told to watch for, and if she was going to she would have already been doing them by that time.
I don't think that she really drank any of the liquid, my sister had the plug in for two weeks or so and there was still plenty of fluid in it.
little girlie prob just put it in her mouth, tasted it and decided she didn't like whatever this thing was (or at least thats what I imagined in my head).lol!
reassured my sis that everything was ok, and that accidents happen, but she just needed to watch that little 16month old a little closer because now is the time she is getting into EVERYTHING and of course it all goes into her mouth!

caraline and I came home, she got a really really good bath, drank some more water and then I kept her up an extra hour past bedtime to watch her, she was fine and went right to bed sleeping all night as usual, oh and I forgot to mention that in the meantime the guy I talked to at poison control had called me back to check on her because he knew that I didn't have her in my sight when I had previously called him, very much appreciated that!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All about....


I know that many of my upcoming posts are going to be about the pregnancy and baby....so I wanted to just take one to talk about my sweet little girlie!!!  She is now going on 161/2 months old...can't believe how time flies by, seems like yesterday that we were just having her 1 year birthday party and now 41/2 months have came and gone.

1st birthday party

this is from today, she loves to wear hoodies and hats

crazy static hair day at our house
She is the sweetest little thing ever!  She loves to give kisses and hugs, and has started this new thing to where when she goes to give you a hug she lays her head on your shoulder, wraps her arms around you and pats you on the back!  I love to feel those little hands of her when she does this!

We love to dance around our house too!!! Anytime there is music on Caraline goes to dancing!  so incredible cute! She use to just twist the top half of her body back and forth but has now added a little knee bend to it!!  It seems that she is a huge Usher fan (lol)!!! She will be playing and Tim and I will be surfin the channels, we go through the video and channels and she can ignore every other song, but if we come across an Usher video she jumps up gets in front of the TV and dances through the entire video not taking her focus off of it!

Another thing that she is doing (and has been for a while) that is not so cute, is digging in her diaper, uggh!!  I haven't figured out quite how to keep her from doing this.....we stopped it at night with whole piece pajamas but if she doesn't have a onesie on throughout the day her hand will still find it's way....thought that it was getting better and then I came home last night to the hubby telling me that Caraline had an accident at Nana's today.....apparently Nana had gone upstairs to get her up from a nap to pick up the other kiddos and C was sitting there with her hand out in front of her, as quiet as she could be, and what was on it but POOP!!!.....totally grosses me out, yuck!...of course my first thought was OMGosh did she put it in her mouth????....Tim said that Nana didn't know but didn't see any there but she did have it smeared on the front of her shirt....OH MY, what to do about this???? (really suggestions would be great)!


she now has 12 teeth.
loving chocolate milk.
is crazy about her daddy.
says new words daily (still can't get her to repeat em).
but last night we did get a "night night dada"!! (so sweet)!
starting to sleep on her back again.
and is now starting to terrorize our 2 doggies.lol!
she tries to sit on Jasmin (our lab) whenever she can..
and is constantly wanting to pull Pepper's (our little mutt) hair out!

And a few more pics from today, playing outside in the cold!

Caraline, you are becoming quite the little character....full of personality....and mommy and daddy love it!!! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

16 weeks and still....

so SICK!!!!
I am now nearing my 16th week of pregnancy and am still having all the 1st trimester sickness.
it is exhausting.
still it never comes in the morning, always at night.
(which I guess is better since I do work during the day)
it never fails, the feeling comes on sometime usually between 6 and 7pm.
then comes the gagging and indigestion for about and hour.
and then the VOMIT.(yuck)
I have tried eating dinner early, eating late, not eating it at all and nothing has helped.
phenergran use to help a lot, but this whole last week, not so much.
it hasn't even been putting me out for the whole night.
ran into my doctor at work yesterday (one of the perks of working where I do)
and we have decided to try something new.
so guess I will be testing out some vitamin B6 and 1/2 tab of Unisom next time I'm feeling sick.
hope that it will do the trick.
taking these meds really kind of freaks me out, with Caraline I barely took Tylenol.
but I also did not feel nearly this bad and it definitely was over with by now.
plus I have a toddler to take care of and not just myself so laying around feeling bad isn't an option this go around.

now onto the brighter side of my second pregnancy!
it was around week 18 or 19 before I could feel any baby movement...
this time around I started feeling baby movement at 15 weeks!
so exciting! I'm sure it was there with C but this time I just know what it is!
for me this is the best part of pregnancy!
I could just lay around all day with my hands on my belly and wait to feel this baby move!
(of course not able to feel it from the outside yet but know it is coming soon!)
LOVE it when I feel this baby move and tickle my belly throughout the day, it makes me forget all about the nausea/vomiting that I am going through (until it actually comes on in the evening).
can't wait for Tim to be able to feel it too! I know I will drive him crazy wanting him to sit around with his hands on my belly too, just waiting.lol!

today, I had my 16 week appt.
and did I ever get a nice surprise!!!
my doc's office got these new little devices.
guess you could say it's like a little handheld ultrasound machine!
so I got to hold the screen while my doctor looked around!
got to see and hear the heartbeat, and see my baby!!!
of course I asked him to look and see if he could tell, he tried, but little stinker had it's legs too close together the whole time....guess we'll see in a few weeks.
loved, loved, loved seeing that baby, made my day!

Caraline went with me to my appt.
she is such a good girl.
even though I ended up seeing the doctor about 45 minutes after my scheduled time, we made it through!
It's been a great morning with my little girl and getting to see her sister or brother, can't wait til nextime!

 here is the ol belly at 16 weeks!
no weight gain since last time (thus the sickness) but baby looks just as it should!

Monday, January 3, 2011

our Christmas celebration....

this year was caraline's 2nd christmas.
it was quite different from last year when she really had no clue.
she was so much fun this year!

this is caraline and daddy with our christmas tree!

caraline in her cute little christmas dress

christmas eve:
this year i had to work a 12 hour shift on christmas eve, so we really didn't have any big plans for this day.
my mom came to town to spend the night with us and my sister who lives in town also came over and stayed the night, so that they could watch caraline christmas morning.
all of caraline's gifts from mommy and daddy were wrapped under the tree.
but her santa gifts were left out for her to see right when she came in christmas morning!
it was so much fun getting to be santa this year!
tim got to put together her table and chairs and get her new 4-wheeler ready to go!!!

tim loved putting together c's presents!

christmas morning:
she wasn't to sure about it all at first bc she was still a little sleepy and wondering what everyone was doing at her house this early!
she LOVED LOVED LOVED her 4-wheeler! it was the best santa present ever!
she wants to ride it all the time and its so cute since she has figured it out and can just zoom away on it!!! (well zoom for her, it really only goes up to 2mph.lol!!!)
she really loved everything that she got!
santa, mommy and daddy did a good job!
we did go a little overboard for her this year but it is going to be the last christmas where it is just her so that was OK!!!

christmas brunch with the maxeiner's:
my mother-in-law always fixes brunch christmas morning.
and it is the BEST!!!
this year was a little different than the past few had been as tim's grandparents, aunt and uncle, out of town cousins and their two little cute twin boys all got to be there!
it was a first time in a long time that all of these people had been together and so much FUN!!!
we ate first, of course, as we couldn't wait to get some of Jan's WONDERFUL brunch food an those oh so fabulous homemade cinnamon rolls!!
then we did presents with tims grandparents, aunt and uncle!

opening their stockings from santa at nana's house!

 tim, his dad, and grandfather

then we spent the afternoon with all of the cousins getting to play and play and play.

ledger liked cousin c's mickey mouse!


nana, adam, and the twins

tims, his cousin alicia, caraline and her cousins holden and ledger!

sweet baby kisses!

and of course trying to get the 3 little ones to nap, which was not a great success, especially with caraline:)
guess she just wanted to be up where all the activity was going on.

christmas evening:
now it was present time with nana, papa, aunt tricia and uncle james, cousins mel and zac, aunt alicia and uncle adam, and cousins ledger and holden (and of course mommy and daddy too)!
she absolutely loved everything that she got!
she loves her mickey plane riding toy so much that mommy and daddy will be getting one for our house too!

after presents we ate and ate and by this time my pregnancy sickness was coming on strong so it wasn't too long before we had to say goodnight to everyone and go home.

sunday after:
we got up early sunday morning and headed to stilwell, my home town, to have christmas with my family.
caraline doesn't get to see them (except for memaw and aunt sam) very often so it was fun for her to get to spend time with all of her cousins from mommy's side.
we also made a visit to her aunt sonya's house and she got to play with my sister's cute little puppy dog bella.
after doing presents and eating with the fam we made a trip out into the country to see her great grandma ruby.

cousin olivia

 cousin ethan

caraline and cousins natalie and chloe

then we headed home.
we were all exhausted.
it was a weekend filled with family FUN!!!
can't wait til next year!

on Monday:
caraline and mommy made another special trip back to stilwell to meet up with good friends.
2 of my long time friends and I were going to meet up at the awesome MR.B'S PIZZA for lunch!
kelly was in from new york and tina and her 2 cute girls drove in from Arkansas so that the 3 of us could eat lunch and catch up!
then when we got back to BA and after a nap we went to see our bestie's, the Iott family, so that the kiddos could exchange presents!
absolutely love them, hate that i didn't take my camera to get a few pics.

we had a great christmas holiday.
enjoyed the time spent with our family and friends so much,
we can't wait to do it again next year!!
and to have another little one in our household next christmas will even double the FUN and EXCITEMENT!!