Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lumps freak this mommy out....

Yes, we made another trip to Dr. D's today.
This past weekend Tim was changing one of Caraline's diapers and noticed a lump in her groin area.
Any kind of lump pretty much just FREAKS me out. so of course I was on the phone to our pediatrician.

While waiting on the ped to call us back we were first on the phone asking our family members/friends what this could be and yes, getting online to check too.

Turns out we got the same answer from everyone we talked to including the pediatrician....swollen lymph node.  I know that lymph nodes get large when fighting an infection but never expected to see this on my 1 year old in her groin area on the left side right where her leg bends at the hip.  I was also very worried that it could be a hernia because this word was mentioned too.  

Our pediatrician said that this means her body is fighting something the way it is suppose to and that it could have been caused by something as little a a bug bite or scratch near this area.  He said that he wasn't going to get excited about it but that I could just swing by the office anytime this week and he would take a look at it.  (Did I mention that I am an RN in the newborn nursery and get to see our ped on a day to day basis which is so awesome!!)

I had to work yesterday so this morning Caraline and I went to his office.
He looked at it, said we got a big lymph node here and that he wanted to do some lab.
I also forgot to mention that Caraline officially hates going into the doctors office and she knows whats coming when we are there, she started screaming when she heard the nurse's voice coming down the hall, it was so sad.

The nurse did a finger prick and then Dr. D came back in to look at ears, nose and throat.  Everything checked out great, lab looked good as did ears, nose and throat.  He didn't think there was any need for antibiotics yet but I was instructed to watch the lymph node for a week, because the lymph node itself can become infected, and then check in with him.

Since Caraline was so upset about what she had to go through this morning I decided we would go to target and get a little something to cheer her up!!! yep, going to be that kind of mommy!!! wonder where I got this from??..mom, you got any ideas?? remember all of those barbies that I got to cheer me up!!! well, Caraline's not ready for the barbie dolls yet so we got a fun little popper toy!!!

btw, we love these new B toys that Target has!!!

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  1. AWWW! Poor Caraline!! And how scary!! I'm so glad that things are ok! I know I would have freaked out too!