Tuesday, May 22, 2012

11 months

(little preview of this gals birthday pics! you know, bows don't go on your head they go around your neck, silly:)

elleanor had her 11 month birthday this past sunday.
can't believe in less than 1 month we will be throwing her big ONE year birthday party!
no doctor's visit this month so no fun stats to report but still tons of new new fun!
ellie is such a smiley little baby, she smiles so big and her big blue eyes just light up!
she sings herself to sleep when i rock her, and then at times screams herself to sleep when I don't (but that only lasts maybe 2 minutes then she's out).
she is such a talker! very vocal and has such a little outgoing personality! (she must get this from her daddy because her sissy and momma are pretty shy).
still in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes, we rarely put shoes on this gal but she is growing out of her size 2's and now into 3's.
pulling up and more pulling up, she can stand unassisted for a few seconds but no steps on her own yet, she can cruise around the furniture and walk behind her push toys pretty steadily.
no more puree's in this house! this gal is full on finger foods! i absolutely love it because it is so much easier to be able to feed the girls about the same foods!
so that's about it for the tidbits but here are a few photos from this past month!

she's loving the coupe these days
yummy! hamburger, watermelon, cheese and cheerios
now a pro with that sippy cup
and so the curls have arrived! what am i going to do with these girls' hair?!?!
matching pj love
first sugary sweet for this girl! got a cookie surprise from aunt jenn and mason:)
enjoying a snack at mayfest and trying to get the hang of that snack cup


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