Wednesday, July 25, 2012

first dance recital...

was a huge success!
and super cute.
7 little 3 year olds in hula skirts....adorable!
it was just the summer recital so it was a 'for parents recital' the last 20 minutes of their class time.
then there was a cookie party to follow.
caraline did wonderful.
it was so fun to get to actually be in the room and watch her! (the parents usually watch from a small window behind the dancers)
we were the first ones to arrive to class this day.  c would just light up each time one of her 'friends' arrived!
i did make the mistake of being a cookie mom this time though.  since we had the cookies, that seemed to be all caraline was concerned about and she didn't want to go into class and leave the cookies.
first time she has ever cried going in, but it didn't last long.

the girls performed their little hula dance 3 times for the parents.
then they all sat down and had 2 big sugar cookies (right before dinner).
it was so much fun!
we don't get to go to dance for a month since the summer session is over.
caraline doesn't quite understand why we don't get to go next week.
can't wait to get back into it and get to have our family come see her at the big spring recital!

here are some pics from our little gals big night!

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  1. what awesome pictures of such a memorable event. her first dance recital :: of many more to come. what a sweet little ballerina!