Wednesday, September 5, 2012

well checks.

yesterday morning before Caraline went to school we all loaded up and headed to Dr. Daley's for the girls well check appts.
it was Caraline's 3 year and Elleanor's 15 month (well really just 14 1/2 months but no way was i making a separate trip so she went early:)

the girls did absolutely wonderful.
i was worried, both of them getting shots the same day, and Caraline heading to school after.
but they were champs.
Caraline does really well as long as you tell her whats going to be happening before hand.
we talked about how she was getting a shot and that she needed to go first because she was a big girl and i know that she was going to be ok.  i told her that Ellie would need to go second because she would scream and would need her big sis to give her hugs.

so C sat on my lap and got her 1 shot in her arm.  no tears for this big girl!
then it was E's turn.  first shot, no crying, what?? this kid usually holds her breath, turns a little purple and then screams bloody murder.  second shot she barely let out a cry, lasted for about 3 seconds and then was fine!  so proud of these girls.  and so far no problems after shots.  no fever, no fussiness.  so glad for this.

now for their stats:

Caraline is 3 ft. 1 1/2 in. tall, 50th% and weighs 29 lbs, 40th%.  yes she is still small but this girl had moved on up some!

Elleanor is 30 in tall, 15th%, and weighs 21 lbs 6oz, 10th%.  and yes following in her big sister's size trends (although you wouldn't ever think it by the way this girl eats!)

i worried and worried every time we went for C's checkups when she was a baby and would see how low on the scale she was, every time our ped reassured she was fine and healthy.  so this time i haven't even questioned the ped on this, if he thought things were ok with Ellie, guess we just make em small over here:)

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