Wednesday, February 20, 2013

we love some snow! (well most of us)

and it's finally time that we got some!
caraline has been asking all winter when she was going to get to play in the snow.
and today was the day.
(she wanted to know if we got to take our shoes off before we stepped on the snow, going without shoes has been an interest of hers since watching Tangled:)
 the gal above loved everything about it.
she could have stayed out for hours.
she ran around, made a snowman, threw snowballs, and jumped on the trampoline with all the snow.
  this one was not so sure about it.
it took her a while to venture out off of the patio.

 making a snowman with daddy.

 pretty proud of it.

 she finally came out in it.
and this is pretty much how ellie girl spent the rest of her time in the snow.

 mommy made it a little better:)

below are some action shots of caraline in a snowball fight with daddy.

and their finished snowman!
(yes, it's missing a face and maybe some arms, but mommy was cold and it was time to get back inside)!

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