Friday, January 31, 2014

holiday part 1

Just a few pics to recap the 2013 Christmas holiday around here:)

First up is our trip to see Santa.  We always go to Utica Square.  And pretty much it is always a fail!  I think one year we even skipped Santa all together because Caraline just didn't like it at ALL and I wasn't going to put her through a screaming fit for a picture.  Ellie cried, she does not care for Santa yet.  Caraline did a LOT better this year, even sitting on Santa's lap! I was blown away!! Maybe next year we can even get some smiles:)

Second to do on the holiday list was the lights at Rhema.  The girls' LOVED it, although you wouldn't think so from this first picture of Caraline.  We picked a great night to go with perfect weather!

Next was the annual trip to find our Christmas trees! Again, great weather for being outdoors hunting a tree!!  I had also just got a new lens for my camera and this was my first time using it, being the reason that some of the pictures are a little out of focus:)
Cousin love.

And off everyone goes to find the right one.

The sticks that were ALL over the ground were the favorite part for the kids.

The O'Briens found theirs first!

Caraline, just making sure Uncle James is doing it right. (plus I just can't get enough of her blonde curls:)

Mel and Zac with their tree.

Ellie girl:)

The Maxeiners got theirs too! 

Finishing up with a few pictures of the kiddos playing at the tree farm.

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