Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Celebrating!!!!

This is my first blog posting so we are starting with an important one!!! (thanks Alicia for suggesting this, once I get it figured out think I will LOVE it)

Today baby girl Caraline turned the big ONE!  I can't believe how fast this first year has gone by! The past couple of weeks have been so emotional and this morning wasn't any different, I even started crying when I first looked at my facebook profile today and it said  Caraline Alexis, 1 year!!!!

We had a birthday party with our family and friends this past Saturday and our home.  It was a blast!  Then on Sunday we went to Nana and Papa's house (Tim's parents) for lunch as we usually do on Sunday afternoons and had cake again for C's birthday! This morning I made birthday pancakes and we took C for dinner to Texas Roadhouse and then on to Build-A-Bear!!!! She is such a sweet little 1 year old!!! I adore her with all of my heart as does her daddy!!!

This is Caraline on her birth date!!!

and now at 1 year!!!

C's 1st birthday cake, a bear made special by her Nana and Papa! (her daddy also had a bear cake for his 1st bday)

And here are just a few fun decoration/party pics!!

And we can't forget the jupiter! (not so sure what the neighbors thought about this but the cousins/friends really enjoyed it)

Cake again on Sunday! (think she loved that chocolate icing)

Birthday dinner!! (chicken strips and sweet potatoes)

First Build-A-Bear outing!! (she picked her bear and named her Brownie)

Caraline, you fill Mommy and Daddy's hearts! We love you so much! Happy Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

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  1. YAY!!!! LOVE wish we were there this weekend for the fun celebrations, but am so glad for the pics and video's you shared! She's such a sweet and beautiful little one year old!

    I'm sure you will love this blogging world too...just sure of it!!!