Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still Waiting.....

So a couple of weeks ago I got a panicked phone call at work from my husband,"Brandi I had to break a window at the house"!!!  Turns out, while our then almost 1 year old was taking her morning nap he had gone outside to feed our 2 doggies and accidentally locked the door behind him!!  When he figured out what he had done his first instinct was to grab a hammer that was on our outside table and break a window to get back in!!  The door that he accidentally locked is awful, it has been so scratched up by our dogs that we have talked about replacing it several times, but the thought of breaking the glass in the door didn't cross his mind, instead he broke one of the custom bay windows in our kitchen that has to be special ordered to replace!  He got on top of things that day and had "fixed up the window for now" and had ordered and paid for the replacement.  So here is our "fixed up" window and 2 weeks later we are still waiting on the new one!

but I am thankful that he was thinking about our daughter and her being alone by herself in the house before anything else!  Even though we have a cardboard window for now I know that Tim will always put Caraline's safety first!!! (and lesson learned, we need to hide a spare key)!!!

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