Thursday, December 9, 2010

Embrace the Camera: 1st Santa visit....

and it really didn't go well.
in fact, she down right hated it.
it was terrible for my sweet little girl.
we are now in the really not liking strangers phase, especially men.
so it really wasn't a surprise to us that she didn't like it, but we had no idea it would scare her so much, poor girl.

 she wasn't really into taking pictures after, think we were still in a little bit of shock!

still we have a great memory captured on camera of our little Caraline's first visit to see Santa!
hopefully it will be better for her next year!


  1. Love it! We all have that one year where the children are terrified of Santa!!!

  2. Why are they all so afraid of him??? It seems like no matter what you do... they are all afraid... LOL well this will be a photo you will always remember! :)

  3. what a cutie patootie! um, one of my daughter's hated santa, we have pics for 4 yrs crying/pouting since she was a baby. but the 5th year was the charm! just giving you hope. ;D

  4. my poor sweet baby c. you're such a mean mommy!

  5. I think we all have the famous picture! TOO CUTE!!

  6. The crying with their arms out to be saved are almost better than the perfect smiling ones. =) Cute photos!

  7. it seems like being scared of Santa is just a right of passage. She will grow to love him i am sure. :) GREAT pictures and great memories!!

  8. poor sweet little thing!