Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 weeks....

today was my 12 week appt.
got to see my regular doc.
and hear this precious baby's heartbeat once again.
nice and strong, loved that sound.
weight gain at this point 3lbs. (however looking at me you would think at least 10lbs)!
and blood pressure was great 124/70, was a little concerned
bc at my first appt it was higher than it has ever been, but prob bc it was my first appt and i was so excited!

next Tues i go for the nuchal translucency test, get to see this sweet baby again by ultrasound!
can't wait!
i remember when i did this with caraline i couldn't believe how much had changed in that little amt. of time and how in just a couple of weeks she wen from looking like a little pepper to looking like an actual baby with her arms and legs flying around!
come on Tuesday, you can't get here fast enough!

btw, symptoms are easing a bit, so much for the zofran, it's not working, but the phenergran at nighttime has helped tremendously! hoping that this part will come to an end here in a couple of weeks:)

ps: next time i will definitely include a belly picture bc believe me it's there!!

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