Tuesday, May 31, 2011

let's cook a little longer, k!

don't know really where to start since I am writing this a few days late and the emotions there in the moment have past but I needed a couple of days to rest and didn't even feel like turning the computer on.
so here I go.
friday at work I went to the bathroom after eating lunch and was on my way back to get to work when I felt a gush run down the inside of my leg, enough to make my pants wet all down that side.
(which all of you that have been preggers know all about the extra wetness during the end of pregnancy)
but this was much much more than I had experienced.
it didn't continue, but worried me so I asked my L and D friends what I should do?
I was told that it did need to be checked out so over there I went.
I was given a stick to swab my underwear with and if it turned blue that meant that it was positive and that I had more than likely ruptured.
I did it, it did indeed turn blue right away.
my heart stopped!
on Friday I was only 35w4d pregnant, which I know gives Elleanor a great chance of being fine but also working where I do I know what can be wrong too, which 1st of all meant my new baby having to be taken away to NICU and since me being a repeat section would not get to see her or touch her for several hours!
we were preparing for me to have to go back and have my c-section and I needed Tim there.
I knew that he was on his way but he is AWESOME in these situations, he definitely helps to calm/comfort me, he was amazing during the wonderful but incredibly stressful delivery day we had with Caraline and I needed him!
but I have to say that my friend/co-worker Crystal was a HUGE help (as were all of my maternal-child co-workers that seen me in my emotional mess), she came over to L and D, hugged and reassured me, and was completely understanding when I needed to go home leaving her in a huge mess of business at work, Thanks again, Crystal!
so yes, I did indeed go home, no delivering this baby that day!!!!!
we did 2 more tests for amniotic fluid while I was in L and D.
the first was a repeat of the swab that I did, this time done vaginally, NEGATIVE!
the second was a different type but was more conclusive and also NEGATIVE!
turns out that urine can give a false positive, so yes, the one done on my underwear, well there ya go.lol!!!
in the end, I was having contractions all that morning at work and did show some irritability when being monitored so I was sent home on bedrest for the rest of the day.
I don't know how much longer my body is going to tolerate work, especially with how busy we are right now.  I have been definitely trying to hold out so that I don't loose any time at home with Elleanor, but after this scare I would much rather loose that time and have a baby closer to term! Which we are now at 36w1d and time is flying by so not much longer!
anyways, back to work tomorrow, so guess we'll see how it goes and then to the doc on Thursday!

here is our little family of 3, ready to be 4, but hoping Elleanor stays put for another couple of weeks!!

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