Friday, August 26, 2011

2 months old!

Wow 2 posts to do at the same time.
A 2 month post and a 2 year post.
The past 2 months have flown right on by.
It doesn't seem like it's been that long since E's arrival.
Maybe bc the days seem to drag on and on when I'm so exhausted so it really seems like 1 day never ends sometimes.
Really hate to report that things are still very rough around here.
Which is really starting to bother me because I go back to work in just 21/2 weeks and I can't even imagine going to work a 12 hour shift at the hospital on the sleep that I am getting (or in my case not getting)!
But not going to go on and on about how bad it is because we have a beautiful baby girl that we adore and that's what we need to focus on right now!

We are also having a name change-up!
We don't call C anything short, her name is Caraline (however, I like to call her my carebear)!
so we decided initially that Elleanor was going to be just Elleanor.
We had many people asking us if she would be called Elle, Ella, Ellie, etc.
Tim and I said no, it will just be Elleanor.
Well, we have recently changed our minds!
We feel that with her cute little stubborn no sleep self that she is going to be called "Ellie"!
Plus little missy Caraline can already say Ellie!! (Think Elleanor would take her a while)
But most of the time C just calls her!!!

Took "Ellie"! to her 2 month check-up on Wednesday.
Here are the stats:
weight: 11lb 15oz 75%
height:  23 3/4in 87%
head  15 1/2in 50%
all in all great measurements for the girlie!
Talked with the doc about all of our concerns.
He looked at her rash, which is getting better.
and listened to everything that I had to say.
He does not feel at all that we are dealing with a food allergy and encouraged me to continue breastfeeding if that's what I wanted to do.
I still plan to avoid the big dairy things just bc when I have too much of it, I feel that it does bother her little tummy, which I can remember doing the same with C for a while.
Her reflux is still bad and has gotten worse.
We talked about some things to do here and decided that we were going to try a different medication on top of the one we were already giving.
He didn't want to stop the old just in case the new didn't help at all.
We are only on day 2 of the med so really don't know yet???
I officially HATE HATE HATE reflux.
It just really sucks.
Poor thing is just so uncomfortable.
Praying that she is one that it gets better at the 6 month mark rather than closer to the 12!! (most say it usually subsides between those months).
So for now we do what we can and wait to see if her meds will help.

When she is in her happy awake time she is such a delight.
Huge smiles and coos all around for this girl.
She loves to be talked to and wants you to talk to her constantly!
She tolerates her bouncy seat and will play underneath her little floor gym for about 20-30 minutes then she starts to get tired.
But getting her to give in and go down takes some work.
Right now we are struggling to get her to lay down for more than 30 minutes.
There is something about that 30 minute mark, never fails, she is totally out and right at 30 minutes, wide awake, ugh! (really could use an hour here soon please)!
(However as I type this she has been down 40 minutes, I did hear here stirring but hopefully.....nope, she's up:)
I had thrown putting her on a feeding time schedule out of the window but with her meds it is easier to have her on one so we are working on it.
but it is a 2 1/2 hour schedule, turns out the more frequent, smaller feeds are better on her, can't wait for this to stretch out to at least 3 hours, I know its just 30 minutes but I think it will make a world of difference.
We start our morning with our first feed at 630ish depending on how the night went, and end our day with usually an 830 feeding and have her in her bed at 9pm.
I get her and C down for a nap at the same time everyday!!! but one usually wakes up so no napping for me which is a total bummer! (C's 2 year molars have broke through so she is sometimes waking during her naps)
That's pretty much it for now.
Just continuing to pray for relief for Ellie and more sleep for the whole family!

Here are some of this pretty girls 2 month photos! We had a little session on her changing pad yesterday!

such a cutie pie!

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