Monday, October 24, 2011

photo time

I missed the 3 month mark for photos of Ellie so we did 4 month photos instead.
and since we were doing them we thought we would go ahead and try to get some family pics too.
let me just tell you that our 2 year old was a complete mess the ENTIRE time.
we did however manage to get a couple of cute ones and of course an adorable 4 month photo of Ellie for the dining room wall.

this is Caraline's new face, that she is doing ALL the time

LOVE our little family!

and those pretty curls.

there's daddy and that sweet girl's silly new face again:)

tickle time!

our too cute little 4 month old!

for our black and white wall in our dining room. LOVE IT!

another one making the dining room wall!

and this one for the hubster's and my bedroom!

even though it seemed it was a disaster we came away with so many great memories, thanks again Heather! You are the bestest!


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  1. perfect pictures for the cutest little family. you got some keepers for sure!