Tuesday, October 18, 2011

pumpkin patch 2011

this past friday i got to leave work early, which never happens on a friday!
i also got to pick my girls up from the babysitter, which i also never get to do!
so since we had no plans and tim wasn't having basketball practice, we decided to make it a fun family afternoon/early evening.

first off to the pumpkin patch.

caraline's first time on a horsey!!!

really wanted to get a cut pic of the girls together but the huge 2 year old fits we are currently having got in the way of that so the first up is the only one we could get, so we got a few of  Ellie laying on the ground by herself since her sissy wouldn't pose with her:)

after the pumpkin patch we thought we would try taking the girls out to eat for the first time ever with both of them!!! you would have thought we were crazy with the way we had to leave the pumpkin patch (that would be carrying C out screaming), but what the heck, we were hungry!
the girls did AWESOME!!!  of course it was 5pm, so the place was pretty empty, but still they did great!

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