Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

this Thanksgiving I was originally scheduled to work.
luckily there weren't very many babies being born and I was able to stay home and be with my family.
we first went over to the hubster's parents to celebrate and have lunch.
the food was delish!
the kiddos were entertaining as always.
and Caraline was her little 2 year fit throwing self she has been lately but we managed to get a couple of photos.

after we went down to Utica Square for the lights on.
love this.
we had a great time seeing all the other families there and enjoyed the Christmas singing and seeing Santa.
Caraline's favorite part was the hot chocolate, this girl LOVES her some hot cocoa:)

after lights on we then came back to our home for another delish meal made by momma!
we ate way way TOO MUCH, but it was all so good we couldn't help ourselves.
then it was off to bed as it was an early black Friday shopping morning for me, the hubs, and my sister.

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