Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Veggie Time for E!

Elleanor has been getting cereal for a few weeks now.
We intended on starting some veggies at 5 months but we've been a little busy and have had a hard time getting around to doing it.
Finally we went and got some organic sweet potatoes at Reasor's last night.
Baked them, pureed them, put some in the frig and the rest in the freezer.
We made all of C's baby food and had a good time doing it, plus felt so much better about what we were feeding her as we were making it ourselves!
I intend on doing the same for Ellie, making her baby food specially for her makes me feel a little more at peace about the whole breastfeeding situation (which I still struggle with).
Plus it's super duper easy and saves some money so Tim is very on board and even makes it himself sometimes too.

(please excuse the yucky stained bib, it's a hand me down from big sis)
Sweet potatoes, it was what was for breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday.
She LOVED it!!
Can't wait to make more food for my sweetie!

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