Monday, August 27, 2012

suprise day off

is what i got today.
not very many babies hanging out at the hospital so i got to stay home with my babies!
now that i am not worried about maternity leave time or vacation time, bring these trim days on.
gotta love a 2 day work week!

after squeezing in a doctor's appt this morning for myself (which can be hard to do when i am usually working the days that nana is free to watch the kids) we all got our 'artsy' pants on!
caraline got her paint on with some of her new art supplies from auntie mary.
ellie played with or should i say 'on' the aquadoodle (first time for that)!
and this mommy got a little time to dress up a plain old frame i've had for a while. (also took some time to organize the girls' craft bag, it was getting a little out of control with loose crayons, markers, etc.)

the house was clean.  the laundry was going.  dishes were done.  nothing to do but have time with my girls.  LOVE THESE DAYS!

sure there are a few important blog posts that i need to be working on (first day of preschool, birthday #3) but this is what i felt like posting heart is full:)

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