Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Very first day of preschool and a birthday!

Caraline turned 3 last Thursday.
which also happened to be her first ever day of preschool.
we were all so excited, (and nervous and at the same time a little sad).
tears came for me several times in the days before and of course the day of.
nervous because for the 3 year old class it stated they must be completely potty trained (and well we've got the #1 thing down but the #2 is still not happening).
and super excited because C would just light up when we talked about her starting school.
she was super ready for it! (however, in some of the pics you would think she was terrified:)

she woke up to her favorite...balloons!

 and special mickey mouse pancakes on the birthday plate.
 little sister was way more into posing for pics than C:)
 this is what i meant before about looking a little terrified, silly girl.

 they had to have a standard size backpack for school, it's almost as big as she is, but we love us some 'hello kitty'!
 super sweet, love those kids!
 mason's got her back at school this year:)
 daddy got to come with us for the first day.
since caraline's birthday was on the very first day of school we were on special snack duty that day!
i was welcome to come back at snack time and join in on the birthday celebration.
they had cookies, juice, sang happy birthday, and c got to pick a special surprise out of the classroom birthday cake.

she's not much on being the center of attention, as you can see, pretty sure she gets this from her momma:)  these are 2 of c's teachers for the year, miss katie and miss ellen!

it was a great first day, full of fun!  we are all so in love with this preschool and can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!
(more posts to come on the big birthday!)

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