Monday, January 3, 2011

our Christmas celebration....

this year was caraline's 2nd christmas.
it was quite different from last year when she really had no clue.
she was so much fun this year!

this is caraline and daddy with our christmas tree!

caraline in her cute little christmas dress

christmas eve:
this year i had to work a 12 hour shift on christmas eve, so we really didn't have any big plans for this day.
my mom came to town to spend the night with us and my sister who lives in town also came over and stayed the night, so that they could watch caraline christmas morning.
all of caraline's gifts from mommy and daddy were wrapped under the tree.
but her santa gifts were left out for her to see right when she came in christmas morning!
it was so much fun getting to be santa this year!
tim got to put together her table and chairs and get her new 4-wheeler ready to go!!!

tim loved putting together c's presents!

christmas morning:
she wasn't to sure about it all at first bc she was still a little sleepy and wondering what everyone was doing at her house this early!
she LOVED LOVED LOVED her 4-wheeler! it was the best santa present ever!
she wants to ride it all the time and its so cute since she has figured it out and can just zoom away on it!!! (well zoom for her, it really only goes up to!!!)
she really loved everything that she got!
santa, mommy and daddy did a good job!
we did go a little overboard for her this year but it is going to be the last christmas where it is just her so that was OK!!!

christmas brunch with the maxeiner's:
my mother-in-law always fixes brunch christmas morning.
and it is the BEST!!!
this year was a little different than the past few had been as tim's grandparents, aunt and uncle, out of town cousins and their two little cute twin boys all got to be there!
it was a first time in a long time that all of these people had been together and so much FUN!!!
we ate first, of course, as we couldn't wait to get some of Jan's WONDERFUL brunch food an those oh so fabulous homemade cinnamon rolls!!
then we did presents with tims grandparents, aunt and uncle!

opening their stockings from santa at nana's house!

 tim, his dad, and grandfather

then we spent the afternoon with all of the cousins getting to play and play and play.

ledger liked cousin c's mickey mouse!


nana, adam, and the twins

tims, his cousin alicia, caraline and her cousins holden and ledger!

sweet baby kisses!

and of course trying to get the 3 little ones to nap, which was not a great success, especially with caraline:)
guess she just wanted to be up where all the activity was going on.

christmas evening:
now it was present time with nana, papa, aunt tricia and uncle james, cousins mel and zac, aunt alicia and uncle adam, and cousins ledger and holden (and of course mommy and daddy too)!
she absolutely loved everything that she got!
she loves her mickey plane riding toy so much that mommy and daddy will be getting one for our house too!

after presents we ate and ate and by this time my pregnancy sickness was coming on strong so it wasn't too long before we had to say goodnight to everyone and go home.

sunday after:
we got up early sunday morning and headed to stilwell, my home town, to have christmas with my family.
caraline doesn't get to see them (except for memaw and aunt sam) very often so it was fun for her to get to spend time with all of her cousins from mommy's side.
we also made a visit to her aunt sonya's house and she got to play with my sister's cute little puppy dog bella.
after doing presents and eating with the fam we made a trip out into the country to see her great grandma ruby.

cousin olivia

 cousin ethan

caraline and cousins natalie and chloe

then we headed home.
we were all exhausted.
it was a weekend filled with family FUN!!!
can't wait til next year!

on Monday:
caraline and mommy made another special trip back to stilwell to meet up with good friends.
2 of my long time friends and I were going to meet up at the awesome MR.B'S PIZZA for lunch!
kelly was in from new york and tina and her 2 cute girls drove in from Arkansas so that the 3 of us could eat lunch and catch up!
then when we got back to BA and after a nap we went to see our bestie's, the Iott family, so that the kiddos could exchange presents!
absolutely love them, hate that i didn't take my camera to get a few pics.

we had a great christmas holiday.
enjoyed the time spent with our family and friends so much,
we can't wait to do it again next year!!
and to have another little one in our household next christmas will even double the FUN and EXCITEMENT!!

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