Friday, February 18, 2011

when is the right time???

with another baby coming in June, we have been going back and forth on the bed/crib situation.
when is it the right time to take Caraline out of her crib??
that is the question that we have been struggling with.
we have changed our minds several times about what we think that we are going to do....
do we leave C in a crib, convert crib to a toddler bed, get C a big girl bed and use crib for Elleanor???
decisions, decisions...
we had finally decided that we were just going to go ahead and get another crib and then decide what to do with C and her bed situation later, then I keep catching her sleeping like this....

so does this mean she needs to probably stay in her crib so she doesn't fall out from all her moving around?
or, does it mean that she is needing more room in a bigger bed???
she sleeps great right now, 11+ hours at night and usually a 3 hour nap during the day.
really dont want to interrupt that great sleeping, so hoping we make the right decision!

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