Friday, June 17, 2011

last dr.s appt....

so today is my very last dr.s appt before Elleanor's arrival on Monday.
it is my 38th week, today 38w4d to be exact, and my doc and I decided together
that we would section at 39 weeks, which puts us having this little gal in just 3 days.
my feelings/emotions are now just jumping around all over the place.
I go from being ecstatic 1 minute to freaking out the next!!!
mostly freaking out because I feel like we have had more than enough time to prepare and get
everything ready before E's arrival but of course there is still plenty to be done but the last 3 weeks
I have not been feeling up to doing much at our house but taking care of C, resting, and then of course going to work.
Tim has been busy since school let out for the summer at his part-time job so that we could save up a little extra before the baby came, which means he has been unavailable to take care of the house projects that we needed to get done because he is working all the time.
and this is where most of my frustrations comes from.
I never finished C's nursery and now her new big girl room is left unfinished also.
E's nursery, not done, even though we already had most of the stuff for it.
maybe one day (when my girls are say 10 years old.jk) they will have finished, decorated rooms!
and let's not even get started on the organization of our kitchen, cabinets, pantry, etc., as I can feel the tears coming on just thinking of what a mess all this is!!!!
just as I am writing this blog post this morning, I am having some contractions just going through these things in my head that have been stressing me out! (also drinking a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks at the moment so that could be the cause
yep the contractions continue, they come on, last for a couple of hours at times but then always go away, getting more painful but I think this little gal is still going to hold out on her appearance until Monday.

now it is the afternoon.
dr.s appt done.
everything was good: measurements, bp, heartbeat.
my total weight gain this pregnancy now comes to 38lbs, 3 over my goal but I'll take it!
pedicure done.
loved it. could go every week and get this done. I've never been one to keep up with pedicures but think I'm going to have to make it a habit!
and some progress was made at the house today.
we got Elleanor's bed for the first few weeks set up in our room.
we absolutely love our pack-n-play that we got for Caraline, it is one that has the bassinet with it and a changing table, perfect for our bedroom! 
breathing a little easier now that this is ready to go!
however, through all this freaking out I am still totally excited and over the moon about welcoming our 2nd little girl into this world on MONDAY!!!!  I love her so much already and can't wait for Caraline to have a little sister!!!

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