Sunday, June 19, 2011

last night as family of 3....

it is now our last night being a family of 3, just me, Tim and Caraline.
tomorrow morning, in less than 10 hours we will have Elleanor in our arms and become a family of 4!
for Tim and I it was a very important day, not just that it was Father's Day but also that it was Caraline's last day being just her with her mommy and daddy.
I have to admit that I shed a few tears off and on throughout the day thinking about that.
wondering how Caraline was going to do with a new baby at home.
also thinking about how I wanted to make sure that we didn't take anything away from C and made tomorrow her special day too!
she is such a sweet and loving little girl and I imagine that she will be just as sweet with her little sister as she is with her mommy and daddy.
but I do think that tomorrow is going to be a tough day for her and I see her being very unsure of the whole situation and not really understanding what is going on......I can see it now, thumb in mouth and other hand digging in her little belly!
but I cannot wait to see how she does with Elleanor and what she thinks when we show her little sister to her and let her hold her!!!
can't wait to have both my sweet girls in my arms and our family of 4 together for the first time tomorrow!!

tonight has also been extremely stressful bc we came home to soaking wet carpet floors in our hallway outside of our bathrooms, ughhh.
we are definitely trying to not let it get us down but it is so hard with the horrible timing and all.
plumber coming out tomorrow so Tim will have to leave the hospital for a while to come and take care of this.
really hoping that it can be fixed before we come home from the hospital, although it may be a big fix, don't really know how long it could all take, especially if stuff is needing to be replaced to finish it all up the carpet pad, carpet, etc:(

right now I am just trying to relax.
think sleep will be difficult tonight.
so anxious, nervous and excited!!!
just did my cleaning thing with 6 cloths that is now required before a csection, have to do tonight and tomorrow morning.
bags are packed and being put in the car.
krispy kreme's are here and ready to go for the L and D girls tomorrow.
hair is dried and straightened, since scheduled I actually get to look a little more decent than last!
now I just need to pack our computer so that it can be loaded into the car, of course I have to take it with me so that I can put pics up of our little new gal Elleanor for everyone to see!!!

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