Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elleanor's arrival!!!

I just knew that I would have this post finished and put up before we even left the hospital.
not so much.
and now at home, never enough time to get on the computer.
It will probably take me several attempts to get on here to actually finish the post,
but I needed to get started so that I did forget everything that I wanted to put on here so that Elleanor will know all about her delivery date!

As I had posted before, we were scheduled for a csection Monday morning (June 20th) at 7am.
well this little girl had plans of her own.
for some reason I can never wait until I am scheduled to deliver.
with Caraline we were suppose to be coming in Sunday night for an overnight induction, well I went into labor (that lasted about 14 hours until we ended up having a csection) and we delivered on that Sunday instead (which was actually my due date)!!!!
same with this little one.
One of the perks of having a scheduled repeat csection was that I wouldn't have to deal with any of the pains of labor.
Well that didn't happen.
I started having some contractions (which I had been for weeks) on Sunday night before we went to bed.
Not too bad and I just figured they would stop once I went to sleep like they always did.
At about 1230 they were becoming a little too strong for me to handle and I couldn't sleep through them at all, they were 3 to 7 minutes apart and increasing in strength, and then came the bloody show when I went to the bathroom, so off to the hospital we went.

We ended up having C with us since this wasn't a part of the plan but Tim's parents were coming to the hospital to meet us and take her back home with them, but after they checked me everyone ended up staying.
I came in dilated at a 3-4 and 80%, my nurse figured that they prob wouldn't wait too long at all to come in and do my csection, the time now was 2am.
So got my IV going, lab drawn, doctor on call was paged and now just waiting.
Nurse was right, the doctor said we needed to go ahead and go back for surgery and that she was on her way.
I was a little bummed because not coming in at my scheduled time meant that it wouldn't be my doc that would be doing my surgery, he didn't get to do Caraline's either, it would be whoever was on call that night, which happened to be my doc's wife, but when the doc showed up it was mine who came to do the delivery instead.
So back to the section room we went.
Got a spinal this time, had an epidural last time since I had been laboring, let me say for me the spinal was heaven compared to the epidural, I was way more comfortable and didn't feel nearly as much as the first time!

Things went very quickly and at 4am Elleanor Claire Maxeiner had arrived.

She started crying and turned a great pink color very quickly!!!
My fluid was stained with thin meconium but it didn't seem to effect her one bit!!! Her lungs were just a going and going!!! Tears came as soon as I heard her!!!
She had one of the best baby nurses ever taking care of her, one of my besties Mary had came in the middle of the night to be with us for our delivery!!!
I was very worried about having a repeat csection bc many times the babies have to go to the nursery for transitioning but Elleanor was just perfect and got to stay and be with her mommy and daddy from the get go!!

Elleanor was 7lbs 12oz ( a whole lb bigger than C was) and was 18 1/4 inches long!!!
Couldn't believe the rolls that this short and stalky girl had on her, loved them!!!
She doesn't have much hair, but what she does have is dark, her eyes look very dark right now, which I know can change at anytime.
And this time our little gal is looking like her mommy!!!! And that is what most are telling me also!!! I have to admit I love hearing it too bc C is pretty much a spitting image of her daddy!

As soon as I got back to my L & D room from surgery, I nursed Elleanor and she did great, it was so amazing!!!
When we were done feeding, daddy went to get big sister so that she would get to be the first to see E and so we could have a little family time, just the 4 of us!

Caraline loved her big sister necklace that she got from baby E too!
By this time my mom had made it, so after family time our parents came back to see Elleanor!!
After they all got to hold her it was time for E to go get her bath done, everyone left at this time and I got some much needed rest!

We stayed only 2 days in the hospital, we were ready to get home with Caraline! But if I had foreseen how the next few days/nights would go we might have been staying the whole 4 nights, but that's a whole other post in itself! Hopefully I can get on here more often as we get the hang of this whole 2 kiddos under 2 thing!


 Big sis, little sis outfits to go home in!

Loaded up and ready to head home!

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