Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/2 birthday time!

that's right.
Ellie girl turned 6 months old on Dec. 20th.
I almost had forgot about it because the hubby had surgery this day and things were just crazy with him being laid up and the 2 girls being sick.
yes, sick.
both at the same time and when the hubs couldn't help me with them.
this last week has been extremely challenging but ok, on with our 6 month old!

poor thing got her first ear infection for her 6 month birthday.
this experience was horrible.
all new for us because at almost 2 1/2 Caraline has never had one.
add in teething at the same time for E and sleep had become a thing of the past.
but I can say now that everyone is on the mend and things are getting much less chaotic.
we did have to revisit 'cry it out' at night because the little girl had become spoiled to someone holding her again, so we are getting back on track with the sleeping!

we went yesterday for her 6 month well check, which really turned into a sick visit because I was still concerned about her ear.
the ped said her ear looked just fine but decided that we would wait on shots until she was done with her abx so back in 2 weeks for shots.

stats on this girl:
weight 15lb 10.5oz, 50th%
length 26.5in, 90th%
head 16 1/2in , 50th%

please excuse the seat, she likes to get messy when she eats!

about Ellie,
she smiles and giggles tons.
she also still can go from 0 to 100 in a split second when she is not happy.
eyes still big and blue (who would have thought I would ever have 2 blue eyes babes!)
just waiting for her bottom teeth to pop through, seems like they've been on their way forever.
she loves loves loves to look at her daddy and smile.
and her momma is pretty much her favorite person these days.
she rolls all over the floor, back to belly, belly to back, she gets around!
working on sitting up but her balance just isn't the greatest yet.
she is starting to sing herself to sleep when she is getting tired, cutest thing ever.
this girl loves her food.
she has had sweet potatoes, avocado, green beans, sweet peas, and butternut squash (all homemade).
she was a little finicky with the avocado at first but by the second attempt she was a fan.
this month we will move on to some fruits!

schedule hasn't changed much.
still 4 bottles a day (about every 4 hours)
she gets meals 3 times a day (cereal for breakfast, veggies for lunch and dinner)
2 naps a day (morning is still good, afternoon is still a struggle)
sleeping at night, before this whole ear infection, sickness mess she went down at 730is and got up at 7 most of the time.

love our life.
love our girls.
can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring for sweet Elleanor!

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  1. glad little miss ellie belly is feeling better. not such a fun 6th month birthday for that sweet lil thing {it's a good thing she won't remember how she 'celebrated' it}!
    miss that sweet thing and feel SO jipped that i missed out on her baby snuggles because i was sick too!