Thursday, February 2, 2012

a little late on the 6 month photos

we had planned on having 6 month photos done.
but that was right before Christmas.
needless to say with the surgery, sickness, holiday planning, etc. going on that didn't happen.
things were just a little hectic around here.
so i hadn't been able to plan a cute outfit, think of a place, or pick a date for pictures to happen.
thank goodness for heather.
she swung by one evening on her way home (after working a 12 hour shift) and snapped a few quick pics of ellie girl for us.
thats why the 6 month pics turned into 7 months.
even though it was quite the fly by photo shoot, done at 730pm, usually this is our getting put down for bed time, we got some really cute ones out of it!

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