Tuesday, February 21, 2012

8 months yesterday

this one will be short and sweet.
because 1 of our babies is full force potty training right now. (post coming soon on that)
and the other is cutting more and more teeth, so the sleep is not great and thinking isn't happening:)

elleanor turned 8 months old yesterday.

nothing has changed on our schedule but that our morning starts at about 630am these days.
which i am fine with because it means a little bit of an earlier bedtime for this gal.
sleeping is ok.
she just had two top teeth pop through.
not the front, the 1 outside of those, so she is kind of a snaggle tooth girl right now.
but the front 2 are now coming in also.
this means lots of interrupted nighttime sleep for us this past month.
naps are still good.  2 hour in the morning and and 1 1/2 in the afternoon when she is at home.
new foods this past month were apples and pears, of course she loves them both.
we've now started to combine some of her fruits and veggies.
this girl doesn't turn away any food.
words are mamama, dadada, nanana, bababa. she says them all the time. even at night when she should be sleeping.
elleanor is great when she wakes up in the morning.  she doesn't cry.  just lays there and talks to herself until i come in to get her.
naps is another story, we still always wake crying from these.
almost have a crawler on our hands.  she is trying very hard.  she is up on all four's and is rocking. 
but she still gets wherever she wants to go by just rolling and scooting around.
ellie loves her sister.  loves to play with her. and wants to know where she's at and what she's doing at all times.
no doctor visit this month.  we don't go back til april.  both girls have been pretty healthy this winter, so far.
hoping that we can hold off on having to go to the doc until her next well check.  it would be the first time we've made it from well check to well check without having to take one of the girls in.

that's about it, sorry, i know this was all just kind of randomness jammed together but that's all i've got.  this momma is pretty tired today and can't use my brain much:)

ps:  the hubby got me a new camera for valentine's day! love it! been practicing with it A LOT!!! so family/friends can expect many many more pics of our sweet girls!  and here is some more of our big 8 month old playing, enjoy!

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  1. 8 months....that's crazy talk! hers is so stink'n cute. and smiley. and happy. and has the cutest shirt on too.