Friday, February 17, 2012

some of this year's goals

 i have set a ton of goals for myself for the year.
one in particular is running.

i love to run.  really, i do.
i'm not the fastest nor can i run the farthest.
but i love it.
i love how when i get on the treadmill i think of nothing other than running.
no thoughts of work, what to fix for dinner, is the diaper bag packed, are the bottles made, etc.
just running.
i really just zone out.
no, I'm not staring at your backside person in front of me on the elliptical, but that's what it probably looks like.
to be honest what i do is imagine myself running a race, lots of people running around me, people watching from the side of the street.
sounds silly, but it keeps me going.

getting on the treadmill is also what helped me keep my sanity (i guess you could say i kept it) in those early months after having elleanor when i though i was going to loose my mind from lack of sleep and an around the clock screaming baby.  (of course she's quite the happy little angel these days though!)  i could go and just forget about everything going on and just have a quiet hour to myself, basically just not thinking period.  and since we had the whole breastfeeding/milk intolerance fiasco i wasn't tied to doing every feeding, tim got to help out more in this area. so thankful for the hubby's understanding of my need to get away for a bit during that tim and have something for myself.

anyway, like i said before i am definitely not the fastest, but hope to improve.
i am now at 3 miles in 34 minutes.
never did i think that at 31 i would be able to run more than i ever have before.
but i've had some great motivation.

my best friend jennifer started running last year.
she did 5ks, the tulsa run, and a half marathon.
i was asked several times by her to do a run.
and several times i always thought of a reason not to.
but those reasons have run out and i'm going to just do it!

my first goal in this running thing is to actually sign up for a run, (which i haven't done yet).
it will be in march, the st. patty's day run.
my second goal is to run the entire time and not have to walk.
my third running goal that i have set for myself is to do the tulsa run this year.
that's quite a big one for me, just putting that goal out there scares me to death because right now i see it as impossible.
jennifer tries to tell me i'll do a half marathon by the end of the year, but that's not!
the tulsa run is going to be quite a stretch, i can't even imagine doing anything beyond that.

update since working on this post last:
i made it to 4 miles in 46 minutes last week!!

next time I'm hoping to be posting about completing my first 5K!

ps: i'm really also hoping that this running business will help me shed some of this weight i'm hanging onto from having 2 little gals:)

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