Thursday, March 1, 2012

my 1st baby is a preschooler...

i can't even believe that it is this time already.
didn't realize how emotional i would be this morning.

today the gals and i go to enroll caraline in preschool.
i know that she is beyond ready for it but of course mommy is not.
we had her on the waiting list all year last year for this school but she didn't get in.
i really wasn't worried about it because i was totally not ready to give up my time with her.
i have 4 days a week home with my girls that i cherish and so being a little selfish i have not been ready to let go of some of *my time*.
i mean, she will go to school for at least the next 15 years, so i have been in no hurry to start her.
but the fall it will be, she will be 3, and it is time.
i will miss my time with her so so much and i'm sure tears will be shed those first days she goes, but i also can't wait to take her and pick her up that first day to see the look on her face.  and to see her interacting with other kiddos her age.
she will start in august.
august 23rd to be exact. that's right, first day of school is on her birthday.  not thrilled about this but i'm sure she will have a blast starting on her first day of being a 3 year old!
plus she will be done at 1230.  so we can celebrate the rest of the day.
we are only doing a half day to start with.
you can either do 930-230 or 930-1230.
in the 930-230 option, they do not nap.  well, not really. they have a 20 minute rest period.
caraline still sleeps 2 hours in the afternoon so that's why we went with the half day for now.
but who knows what she will be doing in a few months.  she may be fine going all day and just taking a little catnap after school.  we will see.  we can switch to a full day at any time we decide she/we are ready to.

this was taken this morning outside of her new preschool!
she's pretty sassy!

and it is now official.
this girl will be a 'yellow giraffe' (that's her class) at northside christian church in the fall.
we can't wait to meet her teacher and all of her classmates.
tears are flowing as i type, thinking about how all this could be, it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming caraline into the world and now we are sending her to preschool.
i know when school time is here she will love it and then i will love it too because I LOVE HER!

definitely not the best picture of this mommy but i love this *preschooler's* face!

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