Monday, March 19, 2012

st. patty's day

it finally came.the day for my first 5K run!
i met my first goal by just signing up for it and not dropping out.
but goal 2 not met.
it was so much harder than i had expected.  much harder to run a 5K outside than on the treadmill.
there was the sun, making it hot and the wind going against us on the second half of the run.  i don't have to deal with those types of things in the gym.
i love the treadmill, running outside not so much.  but guess i'm going to have to start liking it if i want to do better.
i had to walk a couple of times during the run, that was my goal 2, to not walk, gotta get it done next time.
that's right, can't wait to sign up for another!  looking at doing one at the end of april.
my official time for my first 5K was 34:32!!!! even though i didn't run the *entire* time this was the fastest time i've had. 
i was so lucky to have my best friend Jenn there with me! (although we didn't run together for long, she's pretty good at these things and i was left in her dust!)

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