Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to the BEST Hubby/Daddy around!!!

 Tim, Happy Birthday!
Caraline and I want to say that we love you very much and we are so thankful for you and for the family that we have been blessed with!!

You are such a wonderful husband and the most loving daddy to our sweet daughter!

Just wanted to share with what I came home to this past Monday night after a very long and busy day at work....

Isn't this just too sweet!! Coming in from work and seeing this just made my day!! Tim had dinner for me in the fridge, Caraline was bathed, and he was reading her a nighttime book!

Tim, you are one AMAZING daddy and husband! Caraline and I both love you with all of our hearts and I thank the Lord for you each and every day!

Love you bunches!!


  1. That is so sweet! Happy Birthday Tim!

  2. i would have to agree with you....he is an amazing daddy and hubby. was worried about this early on {when she was a baby}, but he sure has come around - full circle! proud of him!!!
    happy happy timothy dale!