Thursday, October 21, 2010

a typical day with mommy and caraline.....

just a little background info:

outside of being a mommy, i also have a full time job.
i am a newborn nursery RN, which is such a fun/rewarding occupation.
 work 36-40 hours within 3 days at a hospital.
but i stay home 4 days a week so really it feels like i have 2 full time jobs (as i'm sure most working mommies do), and though it can be exhausting trying to manage it, i feel that i get the best of both worlds.
when i am at home we pretty much stay here, there are far too many things to get done in my 4 days at home, so there isn't too much running around.
plus our day is regularly planned around caraline's nap schedule, which we like to stick to.

caraline is now 14 months old and here is the schedule for a typical day with mommy and caraline:

7am: awake for our morning sippy of milk
730am: breakfast while watching mickey mouse clubhouse
(which is our favorite show)
8am to 830am: playtime
830am to 10am: morning naptime
(this is usually when I get my facebook/blogging time in, eat my breakfast, and take a shower/get ready if we are going to have to be out for errands after naptime)
1030am: morning snack time
1045am: playtime
(during this time we usually start with taking a walk in our stroller or wagon around the neighborhood and come back to play until lunchtime, or if errands are necessary this is when we take care of that)
12pm: lunch time
1230pm to 230/3pm: afternoon nap
(this is laundry time and cleaning house time for mommy, and if i can get all of that done there is an occasional mommy nap too)
3pm: afternoon snack and playtime
(lately we having been going outside to play at this time due to the perfect weather)

6pm: dinner
645pm: bath time
(this girl loves playing in the bath tub, when mommy tells her it is bath time she takes straight off toward her bathroom)
715: sippy cup of milk and reading time
(and then our evening ritual of book reading, where mommy reads to caraline or caraline sits in her floatie toy and reads to herself)

8pm: bedtime
(this bedtime we are very strict about, whether caraline seems tired or not she goes to bed at this time, and we really don't have a problem with her, she is a great sleeper, she will usually go straight down and not make a peep, other times she talks to herself for about 5 minutes then she is out)
(she's so stinkin sweet!!!)

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