Thursday, October 7, 2010

still hanging around...

remember that lump that I posted about a week or so ago?
well it is still hanging around.
we are now at 3 weeks and counting.
so we are going to try a round of antibiotics, 10 days to be exact.
if at the end of this caraline still has the lump (enlarged lymph node) our pediatrician will be sending us to see a specialist/surgeon for it.
he says they may do nothing for it or they may want to cut it out.
tears come up just thinking about this, so we are praying that the antibiotics will do the job so we don't have to deal with the other stuff.
of course I have been looking online (which is dangerous to do, I know) I let our doc know this....
he said that he was going to have to come and rip my computer out of the house and not to worry about the stuff I was finding, that she was going to be fine!
I am sure that she is but still how can I not worry? its my little girl and I just want her to be happy and healthy!

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