Wednesday, April 6, 2011

28 week update...

had my 28 week appt today!
can't believe in just 11 more weeks we will have another little girlie in our lives!!
pretty much all the first trimester symptoms are back minus the N/V,
which is GREAT!
but not so great is the flame thrower that I feel like I have in my chest every night, OUCH!
started having some contractions during week 27, which totally freaked me out!
not anything consistent, very sporadic, but nonetheless still freaked me out.
let my doc know today, he wasn't concerned with what I reported, but told me what to watch for.
as for my weight which I was very concerned about, I did pretty good (good for me
I gained 4lbs since my last visit, which puts me at a total of 21 lbs gained.
doctor's goal was 15, that was out the window a long time ago, mine is 35, which now seems very doable!!!
all in all a great checkup.
then at the end of the check, Dr. G says "see you back in 2 weeks"!
what!!! 2 weeks, can't believe that we are already there!!!
also doing my glucose test this week, keeping my fingers crossed for good results.
getting organized at home,
 so weird to see the crib back on the high setting and decked out with the bumper, mobile, etc!
and continuing to work on C's room too!
(by the way, she is still doing great in her big bed)
still feeling pretty good.
the 12 hour shifts are getting very tough on my back and legs though!
and the fatigue is starting to settle in again, which I HATE!
there is so so much to get done, I don't have time to be tired all the time again!
but even with all we have to get done I am now so ready to meet this little girl!!
(but of course not until we reach our 39 weeks)
I do have to admit though that this coming in for surgery thing is starting to get to me.
with Caraline I was in labor for oh about 13 hours
starting at 130am up until 423pm,
it was so exhausting, with the oxygen on and off,
the pitocin on and off,
the turning from side to side every few minutes,
(thank goodness for the awesome nurses, especially Wendi, that were there for me that day)!
that I actually barely remember the csection,
I think that I even dozed off a few times when I was on the table!
so this is going to be a whole different experience and it's making me pretty nervous!
didn't discuss these feelings with my doc today, figured that conversation could wait.

so here it is 28w2d and looking very BIG!

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