Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Fun!!!

We started our celebration of Easter off on Saturday with a visit from my family.
My mom, 2 sisters, 2 nieces and nephew came over for the day.
Caraline's Memaw brought her a fun basket filled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse candy/toys!!
We had originally planned to go to the zoo but decided that the weather was not too great and we didn't want to chance it so we made our first trip to the aquarium!
This is C and her cousins from Stilwell! We were so excited to see them since the last time was Christmas!

Then we came home and the hubby fixed a great lunch, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for us!
After lunch we put C down for a little nap, while she was sleeping the rest of us had our strawberry shortcake!
Then the cousins couldn't wait any longer so we woke C up a little early and had our egg hunt!

It was a great day, all of the kiddos were great, and it was so awesome to spend the day with my family!

Then Easter morning Caraline got up and came in the living room to see what the Easter Bunny had left for her.

It was so cute to see her realize that there was new stuff in the basket that she had already been playing with for a! (we used it last Sunday for the hunt at church).
So the bunny this year was a little boring: she got some clothes, flip flops, and books, nope, no toys or candy...but she did love her Beauty and the Beast movie!!!(and so did her mommy, it's one of my favorites)!

Then we got dressed and headed off to church for an AMAZING service!!
(I also have to add that Caraline is doing great going to her classroom, no more crying)!

After church we headed over to the hubby's parent's for Easter lunch.
We put Caraline down when we got there because she was falling asleep in the car and it was her usual naptime!
But then we woke her up early from the nap to eat lunch with the rest of us (bad idea), she was quite the little fuss bucket all the way through eating (and pretty much through the rest of the evening, let's just say bedtime tonight came at 6:30pm, which is an hour and a half earlier than usual).
C did however have a few good moments, like when she got her Easter basket from Nana and Papa!!!
It was filled with such adorable stuff!!

And I think they all had a great time decorating the cake with Papa (and sticking their fingers in the icing)!

She was a little overdone by Easter egg hunt time so she just kind of played by herself while Mel and Zac hunted for eggs in the den (due to this yucky weather we are having).
Her cousin Mel was super sweet though and gave Caraline plenty of the eggs that she found!

It was a fabulous weekend, wouldn't have changed a thing about it and now it is definitely bedtime!

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