Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 weeks and counting down!

30w3d to be exact!
just 8 1/2 more to go and we will have our little Elleanor in our arms!
I am to the point now where I am just ready for her to be here ALREADY!!!
but I can try to wait patiently bc I know she needs a little more time in the tummy!
I think about what she will look like every day,
will she be light skinned, blonde, and blue eyed like her big sister
(which by the way are none of my
or will she have lots of dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes like me??
and there is the chance that she will come out a feisty little red-head like her daddy!
no matter, I know that she will be beautiful to me and her daddy and it will be love at first sight just the way it was with Caraline!

repeat c-section.
really really starting to get to me.
I know that I said that before but really on my mind, every day, especially at work.
working where I do, I see c-section babies everyday that need a little special care after delivery.
praying that Elleanor is able to transition on her own and be able to stay with her mommy and daddy after delivery.
praying daily for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl.
however, I am trying to prepare myself as much as I can for the possibility that she may have to have a little help transitioning,
which I know that if she does, she will be in excellent hands with my fellow nurses!!!!

30 week appt was today!
have gained 25lbs so far, yes that means 4 of them were in the last 2 weeks,
doc said that everything was looking good,
measuring right on and Elleanor's heartbeat was great!
also passed that glucose test, no more nasty orange drink for me!
oh and this was the first time that Caraline has gone to the doc's office with me and not cried when Dr. G came in! maybe we are making some progress in the whole dr.'s office situation with her!!

and now leaving you with the view that I have left of my toes with this 30 week belly!!


  1. she will be beautiful to us as well....blonde, dark, or red...we'll love her just the way she was made! can't believe the day is almost here!!!

  2. At least you can still see your toes!! She's going to be perfect in every way!