Monday, April 4, 2011

auntie Mary!

so so thankful for auntie Mary.
Mary is one of my best friends and also a co-worker.
that's right, she is a newborn RN also!
and she keeps Caraline for us on the days that this mommy has to work and Nana can't keep her.
so how awesome is that?!?!
(and I must mention that she lives just around the corner, within walking distance from us!  which I know that C's daddy appreciates since he is the one that transports!)
so not only does she get to stay with a close friend but also gets her very own baby nurse!!
it has been such a blessing to have her as we have been able to keep from needing to use daycare and having to send our baby(s) to strangers!
and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that auntie Mary has so graciously offered to keep Elleanor too!!

Caraline, here is you and your auntie Mary!!

We love you Mary (and Cory too), and appreciate you so much!

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