Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 weeks flew by!

elleanor claire 4 days old

Elleanor has been in this world for 2 weeks now.
It really has flown by although there were several nights that seemed like they would never end!
First few nights home of course the adrenaline was still there and we were in baby heaven.
The friday after we were discharged (which was a wednesday) we had our first well visit/weight check.
Everything looked great and Elleanor had gained 6 oz  since we left the hospital!
Well that night we came down off of our high and reality sank in.

We started our first weekend off with a fussy/gassy screaming inconsolably for 2 to3 hours at a time.
Thought we were going to lose our minds, I pretty much cried for 48 hours straight this weekend.
Same weekend I realized that i had a yeast infection on my nipples (sorry if TMI) and E had thrush in her mouth!  Talk about hurting, nursing was extremely painful and I had to start using the shield to help with the pain.  So we both got our meds started, which we are both still on.  Then I started to get clogged ducts and was afraid I was getting mastitis so the pumping began.  And oh by the way during all this I also have a super super oversupply so I had already pumped like 60 oz of breastmilk which had to be dumped due to the possibility of having yeast bc apparently freezing kills everything but that, uggh!  So with this super oversupply I am now only feeding on one breast at a time in hopes that my supply will go down and adjust to what E is actually needing, let me tell you it can be really painful waiting 6 hours at times to feed on the other side and only pumping til comfort when needed.  Another thing we have to do is sterilize (boil) anything that comes into contact with my breasts or Elleanor's mouth for 20 minutes each day.  Let me tell you how ready I am for this week to be over, so that the meds and this extra nonsense are done with and I can work on just enjoying nursing my baby, bc right now all this stuff is making it very hard to enjoy:(....but we will push on through.  I loved nursing C, we did it for 11 months and I will do my best to try and make it through this rough patch and be able to continue nursing Elleanor also if her little self will let me!

Now enough for all the rough stuff.
She may be a bit of a difficult baby, but we are so head over heels in love with Elleanor.  In the past few days she has started to act like her tummy feels a tiny bit better and she has awake periods where she is not crying and just enjoys having us talk to her and love on her!  Caraline also loves her little sister very much.  She wants to hold her every chance she gets and doesn't like it when it is time for mommy to take her away.  She doesn't act jealous when we are nursing but is very interested in what we are doing.  Silly girl came up to me the other day when I was pumping and raised up her shirt wanting to pump too.lol! Of course Caraline is having her moments where she is acting out but is it from bringing a new baby home, her being almost a terrible two, or is it both?..Don't know but we will get through it whatever the cause. We have also had better nights mixed in with the really bad nights too, we actually had 3 in a row recently where E just ate and went right back to sleep, which made for a much happier (better rested) mommy and daddy these days.  She is still looking like her mommy but her looks are changing daily so guess we'll see!  Hair remains dark and eyes are a very dark blue right now!  At times it looks like she has tiny tiny dimples but it may just be the chub she has on her cheeks right now bc neither Tim nor I have those ( but we also have a blue eyed, blonde haired Caraline so who knows)!  I know that this is all over the place but I am finishing this post up on about 2 1/2 hours of sleep from last night so it's going to be scattered.lol!!

I have to say that I am still so glad that Elleanor's arrival was timed when it was so that I am able to have Tim here day in and day out to help me!  But I know that he is needing to get some hours in at his part-time job at the driving school and I am needing to figure out how to manage the 2 girls by myself, stressing just thinking about it, but for now he is home and I LOVE it!

Here are a few pics of us our first evening home when we were a little more rested, much better than compared to what we are looking lik this moment!

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