Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July!

We started off celebrating over at my cousin Myrna's house this year.
My 90 year old grandma Ruby was there so I definitely wanted to take my girls over there for a bit to see her!
It would be her first time to see the new miss Elleanor.
Grandma held E while Tim and Caraline had some fun time in the pool!

Then back at our house we celebrated with fun in the backyard, dinner, and fireworks with our parents, siblings, and the kiddos!

It was a fun day even though little miss Elleanor and I stayed indoors most of the time because it was way too hot for us!

(she really didn't want her picture taken at this


  1. aww...last year my family was there also. and the boys were just a few months older than time flies and things change. =) wish we would of been there also!

  2. aww we wish you all would have been here too!!! hopefully we will all get to spend more time together next year with having older babies and all!!!