Monday, July 25, 2011

one month checkup

today was elleanor's 1 month checkup.
we hadn't been since she was 5 days old, so a lot of time had passed and we were anxious to see how much this girl weighed and to ask the dr. all of our many questions.
and to inform him of  ALL that we have already been through this first month.

got our questions answered.
told him about her regurg issues.
she spits up like nobody's business, amazing how much weight she has gained (we'll get to that in a minute) with all that comes out of her!
when she eats she chokes a lot and doesn't tolerate how much and how fast my milk flows so this doesn't help.
told him what we had been doing at home already and it does help some but not completely like the head of her bed up, burping frequently and holding up for 20min after feeding her.
the regurg issue seems to be the main reason now that she doesn't sleep well and the gas is coming secondary to that.
he gave us some zantac to help with the reflux issues, she'll get it 3 times a day.
then he also gave us a med that we can use when she is having her horrible tummy cramping from gas (he said this one was pretty mild but we would try it first).
i have to give a shout out to our pediatrician here, tim and i both love him.

other than the issue mentioned above elleanor checked out perfectly.
no shots done at this visit, which was great!
Her weight a whopping 10lbs 4.5 oz, 75%!
Height 21 inches, 50%
and Head 14 1/2 inches, 50%!
measurements where great!  this girl knows how to eat and pack on the lbs even with all the spitting up!
we go back in 1 month, same time as caraline's 2 year appt.
that should be fun (sarcasm), both girls by myself and both getting shots, whoa!

and an update to my last post.
this last week was so so so much better.
started sleep training and it is going great for napping, but we are still getting up x2 at night to feed.
we are letting elleanor learn to self soothe and cry it out, we did the same for caraline, but this time we have had to modify it a little bit due to the reflux because the consistent crying makes it worse.
really hoping the zantac will work.
but we did have the best night we've had so far last night.
elleanor went 5 hours before her first nighttime feeding and I got about 71/2 hours of sleep last night!
i felt like a brand new person today!

and some updates on this cutie....

she is doing much much better.
she is not going crazy on her door (the kicking, hitting and screaming) at bedtime anymore.
she still does get out of bed and sleeps at the door at times but Tim has been able to put her back in bed without her waking up and freaking out so she sleeps in her bed a lot more too.
naps are much easier, she most of the time has started going right down again, but when she doesn't, she only cries for maybe a couple of minutes and then is fast asleep.
(more on her next month as we go for her 2 year checkup, yikes!!!!)

and last just to let everyone know how much better I (we ) are, I have been home by myself this afternoon while Tim went to grocery store and gym and I was able to feed both babes and myself, and get them down for simultaneous naps!! woohoo!! I CAN DO THIS!

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  1. so glad to hear things at the maxeiner house hold are looking up these days! and yeah for sleep for the mommy. it's so crazy what lack of sleep does to you. and yeah for a growing BIG baby girl and for a better sleeping big sister. sounds like the new norm's are finally settling in. and lastly, BUT most importantly...YOU CAN DO THIS. it's harder but, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!