Monday, January 23, 2012

7 months and iphone pics

Elleanor is now 7 months old.
And I am so excited to say that month 6 was a fantastic month at the Maxeiner home!!!
(besides all the yucky allergy/drainage business)
Elleanor has had her first teeth just barely pop through the skin this month. (the 2 bottom front)
And that is all it took.
All it took for this little girl to start some really great sleeping habits!
Guess it was those 2 little toofers that had made the last couple of months of sleep, so inconsistent.
Since just seeing them brake through the skin the sleep has looked like this.
11-12 hours of straight, uninterrupted sleep at night for Ellie.
Naps, she takes 2 during the day.
The first being around 830 where she will usually sleep around 2-2 1/2 hours.
And the next being around 1, where we get approximately another 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
Month 6 was definitely a huge month for us!!!
You can tell the whole household is feeling better.
(and this is the reason for all the phone pics below, we have all been embracing our sleep around here so the camera has not been picked up much this month.)

This past Thursday we went in to see Dr. Daley since we missed our shots at our 6 month appt. due to Ellie still being a little sick.  As I said in the last post they made that visit a sick visit, so we got another well check today.  Meaning they did measurements again.  E's weight this time was at 30% instead of the 50% it was at just 3 weeks ago, so either something was plotted a little off at one time or E is on her way to her slim down just like our itty bitty Caraline.  Same thing happened between C's 6 month and 9 month visit, I don't remember the numbers exactly but this is definitely where she started to go way down on the charts,  so I'm kind of expecting to see the same thing with Ellie since I've noticed she has started to loose some of her chunk here lately.  Doc said she looked great, she has some eczema going on on her cheeks (already got meds for that), but other than that she looks just perfect!  I have to brag on Caraline here, she came out of her shell at the doctor's office this visit.  She actually went and played with the toys and when Dr. Daley came in she talked to him and told him where to sit (on his rolling chair), she gave him a high-five and then a hug before he went out, she's pretty darn cute!  Ellie got 3 shots this time because it was also time for her other half of her flu shot, she really cried this time, like held her breath and turned purple cried (last time when she got the first half of the flu shot, she didn't make a peep).

still in a pretty good mood after those shots

other haps:
she is using her voice A LOT! mostly to say dadadada and lalalala.
she is sitting pretty well, we still fall over here and there.
she is really wanting to crawl, think it will happen any day, she scoots backwards and rolls to get where she wants to go right now.
after only about 4 trys at the sippy cup she has gotten figured out! she just needs a little help to hold it.
like i mentioned before, she now has 2 bottom teeth popping through.
she is figuring out the game peek-a-boo. and LOVES it! especially when her sissy is playing it with her.
same foods as last post except we added bananas. and I am making apples this morning so going to have them soon too.
she still will eat anything we give to her, like her mommy not picky at all.
in a month I plan to try yogurt, really nervous about this and praying/hoping she doesnt have any problems with it (bc of her little milk intolerance issue).
and we are officially off of her reflux medicine!!! the doc gave us a prescription at her sick visit the last time and told us we could get it or we could see how she did without it a couple of days.
she did absolutely fine without it. don't get me wrong she still spits up here and there, but definitely not more and maybe even less now than when she was on it, so we got rid of that stuff! it is so nice to not have to worry about that 3x a day anymore!

a few of her favorite things

these girls love them some bathtime.

zoned in on MMC

this pic doesn't show it, but she's gotten pretty good with that cup.

Right now our day looks something like this (for the past 2-3 weeks):
700: wake up, first bottle for Ellie, sippy cup of milk for Caraline while we watch MMC
730/745is: the girls and I sit at the table for breakfast together (unless daddy has made C breakfast with him).
830-1030:  morning nap for E, mommy and C time. 
1100:  2nd bottle for E.
1130/1145ish:  lunch time for us all.
1200:  playtime, sometimes 1 episode of Mickey before naps. or we run errands here if needed.
100-300:  girlies' naptime and mommy's free time!
300:  3rd bottle for E, Caraline usually does some type of activity at this time after her snack (coloring, pay-doh, etc.).
500:  Ellie's dinner time. 
530:  We all play in the kitchen together while mommy fixes dinner.
600:  Dinner time, Ellie joins us in her highchair and plays while we eat if she is happy, if she isn't she takes a little 30minute catnap at this time.
630:  Bathtime fun.
700:  E's last bottle for the day.
730/800ish:  bedtime for both girls.

It's a busy busy day and by the end of it this mommy is down right EXHAUSTED!! But I am so so happy that we are settling down into a routine, it's about dang time!!!!

p.s:  forgot to mention that this little gal got her some new jewelry this month too!

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  1. hooray for month SIX! and a routine, which makes life easier. or at least, i think! here's to a fantastic month seven. it's gonna be another good one, i can feel it!!