Thursday, January 12, 2012

Potty Training...

This morning we were all well rested and have nothing to do but stay inside and enjoy looking out into the back yard and seeing the snow that came last night.  So we decided we were going to give a go at potty training, really give a go, not just play around with it like we have in the past.  Caraline is doing great.  Well if you count at least just sitting on the potty, which in the past has been difficult to get her to do.  She has not pee pee'd on the potty yet today but she has gone by herself and sat on the potty to try without me having to aske her to.  We started around 630 this morning and so far are on our 5th pair of panties.  But we are not giving up like we usually do, there will be no diapers worn in this house today (with the exception of naptime)!  And I must brag on little miss Elleanor too.  She slept 11 straight hours last night without making a move and this mommy got so rested I was able to get up, go to the gym and start my day right, giving me the energy to want to do this potty business!  She has also made it easy this morning for me to give Caraline the attention she needs for pottying seeing as she has now been in her bed napping for and hour and a half!

so enough potty talk, I leave you with these blue eyed beautiful girlies!

Happy Thursday!!!

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