Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011 - part 1

celebrating with the Iott's.
Jennifer Iott started as one of my co-workers but quickly became one of my very best friends and a part of my family.
our kiddos exchange gifts every year.
it is usually just kind of a fly by thing, because everyone is so busy this time of year.
but we finally set aside a time for our families to eat and spend time together for Christmas.
it was a fun couple of hours, eating pizza and watching the kids play, just enjoying each others company.
wish we could get more time to enjoy evenings like this together but we all know just how busy life is.
(we did get together to celebrate New Year's though, and it was a good time, even though I was up way past my bed time!)
here are a couple of pics from our evening.

loving some of Mason's toys!

such a cutie!
pretty girl just got done showing us some of her fancy dance moves!

love this girl!

then Christmas Eve was spent at our home with my side of our family.
mom, my 2 sisters, sis's boyfriend, nieces and nephew, plus a cousin and her family.
my sister's and their fams came early for lunch so we could spend the whole day together.
it was so nice because I do not get to see my nieces and nephew near as much as I would like to and when we do we rarely get the whole day all together.
for lunch we had the best ever 'White Chicken Chili' (we have this about once a week in our house), thanks Alicia and Stacy!!
then my kiddos napped while I got to spend time with the other kiddos.
after naps, came the presents.
just ridiculousness!, Memaw (Santa) goes way overboard, but it makes her happy and we all appreciate it so so much!
best surprise present ever:  our kindle fire!!! had no idea! my mom knows this girl loves her some reading!! Thanks mom, your the bestest!
then my mom and my sister Sam fixed almost all of Christmas dinner by themselves!
Sam's first year to make homemade dressing and she did awesome!
my sis Danielle pretty much took care of Ellie for me the entire day.  she loves her some babies!
then for dinner my cousin Jamie, her hubby and their 2 cute girls arrived!
the kids had a blast and dinner was fabulous.  my heart was so full!

fun stuff his aunt sam got him!

 my pretty sis and her cute kiddos!

 so excited about his new sneakers!

 you better believe he's getting put to work with that, thanks mom!

Caraline had to get in on the transformer action.

so into her new puppy!

Olivia lovers her some lalaloopsy!

Natalie's our little artist in the family.

Can't wait to do it all again next year!

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